What's the dumbest reason you were banned for? V2 -> 2010 Edition

Spawned a few explosive barrels on a build server to show a friend something cool to do on his own time, got kicked for “Deathmatching with exploding barrels.” even though I was leaving everyone else alone (by few barrels I mean five, with no intent on crashing the server)

I do believe this thread should be avoided of purge.

I was making a helicopter in a build server out in the corner of the map because of all the nine year olds arguing over a minge that kept messing with their stuff(with it not going through their minds to simply goo off to a corner like I did) the minge went towards me, and I duped my project just in time before he messed it. I spawned, went to the other end of the map, spawned my duped helicopter, and was banned for minging. wtf? :raise:

I got banned for hacking… the thing is I don’t have ANY hacks at all and all I done was walk forward :saddowns:

i got banned today on gmod for sparying my avatar for some reason no one likes my i love tentacles spray :argh:

I got banned for telling the admin of a server, because I told him to stop ragdolling people randomly every other minute :stuck_out_tongue:
I also once experienced an admin, going around and correcting peoples contraptions, by coloring them, removing random props and adding others. So I said in the chat, that 12 year old kids, shouldn’t be allowed to have their own servers. He permabanned me with this reason: “im 11 stop being so meen, im tryin to help :(”

Edit: I also got banned on this forum for putting a “;D” smiley in spoiler tags to show I was being sarcastic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: “Abusing spoiler tags”


Hehe, I can totally relate, I made a trap with a red button, on a vending machine and big red letters in rope, spelling out: “FREE PORN!”

He banned me because he had to reconnect to get out of my trap :slight_smile:


Joined a popular build server that for some reason is set so newcomers can’t spawn props, they banned my for asking if I can spawn props.

In return I crashed their server using a program

I failed the test on TnB.

IVe been banned for:

  1. Spawning an E2 with wire to test out holos. (REASON: DON’T TRY TO E2, FUCK FACE.)
  2. Spawning 1, NON EXPLOSIVE barrel. (REASON: dnot spawn explosivs)
  3. Calling an adminge a fuck face because he was using ULX to kill everyone (REASON: .)

I know how you feel.

I know it feels like they deserve it, but, come now. Do they really deserve having their server crashed?

Costs money to host a server you know :colbert:

I got banned for spraying my awesome pic of Yoko Ritona, well it was more than once. It was in an RP server on Gmod. And the admin was a kid apparently since he was covering my spray with paint and following me wherever I go xD.

If it was porn or some shit I don’t blame the “kid”.

I wouldn’t want players spamming porn sprays making my server look like it’s a place for assholes would I? :v:

Spacebuild server. I notice that the other two guys are using upwards of ten generators apiece. I say “Y’know, you guys can wire a constant value to the pump’s Multiplier input to make them run faster! It is pretty cool.”

Banned (Reason:“knowing to much about wire, smartass”)

well help him build


you got friends in your group that have furry avatars





Yea i actually saw a porn image in tf2

I got banned once because the server admin changed his name to mine and then banned me for “copying the admins name” o_O

I was on a server that had just opened, and the admin banned me “for 5 minutes” to test out the banning system on the admin mod he was using (I think it was ASSmod).

…That was over a year ago, and I’m still banned. :saddowns:

I joined a server, noticed the admin was on and said, “Nice MotD!” (something like that, because it was a very cool looking one), and I got permabanned…

For being in a clan that the server owner didnt like, Their I.P is beware.

I got banned today for asking the guy to put wiremod and PHX on. Fucking 7-year-olds don’t deserve a computer