What's the etiquette for Raiding?

I know there’s a love / hate thing going for raids and those who raid. I also know some servers have rules against raiding which can lead to banning.

Some people say raiding is one of the worst things you can do almost as bad as hacking or constant KoS.

Funny thing is, without raids, having highly secured bases with elaborate security measures would be pointless and nobody would need half the building options available so Raiding imo is kind of important to the game.

My question as a new player is, what are the common do’s and don’t’s for raiding?

Sure there aren’t many rules, as you’re taking what you want, sometimes by force… But what are the things you shouldn’t do at all?

I mean, when servers allow raiding, what are the things in raiding that commonly causes bans by admins?

I’m just trying to plan ahead so I don’t get banned due to my own ignorance.

I ask this now because last night on the server I play on, I raided three bases while players were offline, one was a mod, another was the admin who I killed and the other I don’t know.

I had no C4 but they had open walls and ceilings at the top of their towers and I just built stairs to gain access to where I could. They have noted the server is PvP and no griefing… But is raiding griefing?


Where is the line drawn by most in the community?

Don’t put a ceiling in someone’s staircase. I can’t think of anything worse than that in the entire game. Raiding is one of the most entertaining parts of the game, so anyone who thinks its as bad as hacking is clearly lost and needs to acquire simcity.

Do: raid, pillage, murder, steal
Don’t: camp noobs off your server

If im raiding you im blowing your doors, crates, sleeping bags, all of it up. Anything goes when it comes to raiding. Thats just me though. :slight_smile:

Kill them all


When i raid buildings of unknown people building in my valley i don’t follow any rules. I will wall off sleeping bags, replace stairs with ceilings, and clean every item in the house. I dont want them living there and leaching the resources, so i will go out of my way and waste resources to accomplish this. I will KOS anyone mining without a second thought. Its all to move them out so the rest of my community can prosper.

Now when raiding outside of my valley its all about resources so i get in take what i need and get out leaving everything else.

I usually take POWs and put them into a metal building inside of my camp, and force their friends to come ransom them. The only exception to this rule was when I captured three bandits earlier who attempted to surrender to us(dropped guns and everything), and we were informed by a group of locals that they had been killing players who just spawned into the server. I don’t think I have ever shouted, “ON THE WALL. NOW.” louder in my life, and when they got up there, and faced it, they started begging us not to kill them, and I gave two of the locals handcannons, and armed myself with one as well. Gave a, “Ready, aim” with the bandits crying and begging on mic, and we executed all three of them, and I let the locals take over the camp and cease any of the equipment from it, as well as destroying sleeping bags and other things.

It felt rewarding, but also made me feel like shit because I realized I just executed unarmed combatants, one of the few things I made a rule not to do since playing 2b2t.

To be honest I think people need to be taught the difference between raiding and griefing.

A lot of people get griefed, but perceive it as raiding. If you find a new spawns fresh built 1x1 house and proceed to surround it with walls because they don’t know how to anti-grief yet, that’s not raiding. That’s griefing. You aren’t gaining anything, you’re just trying to ruin the game for someone else.

If you’re building spike walls at their door but not doing anything else, you aren’t raiding. You’re griefing.

If you’re camping their door and shooting them when they step out, but making no attempt to actually acquire their possessions, you aren’t raiding, you’re griefing.

A lot of “raiders” seem to think griefing is raiding, and I’ve seen it make a LOT of people leave servers.

Most of what slait describes is griefing, not raiding. He doesn’t seem to understand that though.


The reason I asked is because although I only bought the game on Tuesday, I pulled off my first solo raid last night against three bases, one of which was the server admin’s base, the second was the Moderator’s base and I don’t know who the third base belonged to.

I had no C4 but their higher levels of their towers had missing walls and open ceilings so I built stairs to access.

The mod was behind a metal door I guess, but the admin was on the top floor of his place and I killed him and took his stuff.

I got a lot of loot and what I couldn’t carry or wanted I tossed for quick decay and only left them with a piece of cooked chicken to tide them over.

The server was noted as PvP and no Griefing, so I wanted to make sure what I did wasn’t griefing.

On their servers Steam Group pages I wrote:

Do or die.

For me, I try not to do too much that will cause the player to want to leave the server. So if I raid I generally don’t steal everything if I’m already setup enough. So I’ll steal things for more explosives but I try not to clean them out(unless they have been asking for it).

I also never destroy their sleeping bags or build walls/ceilings/doors in their base. I usually replace the wall as well if that’s how I got in. So I understand how long it can take to build a base and I think its mean to ruin it. So usually all they have to do afterwards is destroy my stairs and then middle pillar it up.

oh and the people who I have come across as thinking Raiding is so horrible are on the Steam Discussion section of the game… Mostly new guys not looking up the basics of the game first before buying, but also some older players as well.

Seems there are very few discussions from Raiders there and the only discussions I see are people bashing them.

Of course being on Steam since day one, I know what that community can be like for some games, but still wanted to check here.

Only thing I enjoy about raiding is pvp if they are present, if they are not there as you ransack the house I wouldnt want to raid it, as the loot inside isn’t worth anything when a server wipes or resets, IE the only real enjoyment is actual pvp.

I think raiding and replacing any walls you’ve blown up is just a bad idea. They need to see they were raided normally. If everything appears fine they will scream hacker because to them it looks as if there was no other way for them to get in. Server admins might go on a witch hunt too.

Hey there!!! Actually nope they aren´t the same thing, but i had a case in a server that 2 guys with lots of Explosive charges just blew all my base without need for it without taking nothing from it and that is griefing.

Seems pointless since they can just suicide and respawn.

They could, but they already lost just about everything by that point. We usually take POWs after raiding a base, and destroying all the boxes and sleeping bags. Basically making it impossible for them to simply respawn and have a base ready for themselves.
Also you’d be surprised at how players like to RP occasionally. It gives them something to do outside of the raiding grind, and allows them to meet people, even if they are enemies originally.

I been on several servers the past month or so, trying different modes like pve vrs pvp etc, I can honestly say that pve is only truly pve if the admins actually turn off pvp damage, those kind of pve servers actually got boring very quickly. Pvp and raiding seems to be the major factor in creating fun atm. Having said that, my experience has led me to frequent the more mature pvp servers, I’ll give you an example : the other day I joined a new server and did my first initial build up to some cloth armor and bow with some arrows etc, and some gun toting chap surprized me in my hut with door open(i know never leave your door open) with a sneaky shot to the head and I thought ffs not again, I spawned miles from my shack but proceeded to hump it back to where I hoped to maby find him still loitering in the area and have a go at getting some revenge, I was however surprized to find that this guy had examined my backpack and storage box and determined that I was still fairly fresh, he had placed a large storage just outside my hut and replaced all my gear, plus some extra food and a metal door, he however kept my research kits and stones, I assume he kept my stones from preventing me making more arrows. This is now a standard that I have adopted too, when/if I pvp some chap, I will take what I need, and leave a box where his body was so that he can reclaim something of what he lost. I will apply the same method when raiding, take what I need, or what I dont think this person should have like c4 etc, and leave said house in a fairly un-griefed state. This promotes a stable pvp environ, and is still fun as hell.

TLDR : PVP and RAIDING can still be fun without being BM.

Hit them when they’re online or you’re seriously wasting your time. If you want to offline raid people go on a PvE server and have your fill of no resistance raiding. It’s fun for a minute and then you realize there’s more to the game.