What's the fastest vehicle you've ever built?

I recently decided to try and see how close to the actual speed of lightning (130,000 MPH) I could get. I figured this was more attainable than the speed of light. It turns out to be equally unattainable.

But I managed to travel faster than I’ve ever gone before. My current top speed in my teleport chip assisted vehicle was only 34,597 MPH. Only a fraction of the speed of lightning. And no where near the speed of light. I couldn’t even gain a single bar on the light speed meter.

The contraption I used consisted of 2 objects only. A modified Expression 2 chip with the “reposition” function, and a chair with an adv ball socket to eliminate all rotation. The two were no collided to make it easy to find the chair when coding the chip. (It’s a boring looking thing, do I really need a picture?)

When I got in the chair I was teleported to where ever I looked (I choose the largest map I could find, GM_infinitive), when I exited the chair was teleported home to a spot just above the chip. And I teleported home with it using a teleport swep.

Try as I might, my best speed traveling at instantaneous jump intervals every game tick was only a mere 34,600 MPH. (I only managed about ~16,000MPH using applyforce.)

After a few seconds of traveling in one direction, I hit the edge of the engine’s capacity to find me and I crashed the server, having zoomed past more ghosts of the map than I could really count.

What’s your fastest contraption? How fast did it go? Do you know if anyone has broken the lightspeed barrier?

The source speed limit won’t let things go that fast. There’s some addon that lets you set the limit higher, but reaching lightspeed is still impossible.

jintos physixscs

A tank. It could reach speeds close to the speed of light times 9001.

With jinto’s phys mod I came up to 1/3 of lightspeed.

Made a jeep, it went pretty fast… light speed actually… how you ask?.. Smacked a teleporter and some wire shit on that bitch and it turned into back to the future!

Light speed is 186,000 miles per SECOND, not miles per hour. It’d be 671,000,000 miles per hour. Good luck.

also, LOL, speed of lightning


remind me: what’s the speed of sound? if it’s lower than lightning it might be doable. alos clever system, slowed down it might have some applications in spacebuild.

Electricity travels through air at a speed of 93,000 mps, so it’s just about doable i think.

Just a airboat I made with tons of thrusters, a wing, and reduced weight.

Couldn’t even turn the damn thing.

Dam, you beat me to it, I was gonna say the above

Yeah I’m using a mod to let me set the physics speed as high as I want. I set it pretty crazy high and I wasn’t able to pull off any faster than the speed I stated. (The physics.dll is no longer available on garrysmod.org however.)

The speed of sound is about 700 mph. I’ve done that easily. Once I raised the speed limit by a factor of 10. HL2’s speed limit is measured in inches per second I believe, it’s normally 2000, so adding a zero (20,000), bumps it up to 1,130mph. Which makes breaking the sound barrier easy for even amateur builders.

I only got about 1/4th of the speed of lightning (according to wikipedia which said it was 130,000mph.) I was so far from the speed of light that I didn’t even receive a single fragment of the progress bar on that one.

I made a custom “Travel Faster than the Speed of Lightning in a vehicle” achievement to measure my speed.

Just adding a teleporter to a car and some wired stuff will not make you move faster than light. In order to do that you must move 186,000 miles IN ONE SECOND. Which might actually be possible if the maps weren’t so preposterously small when traveling at speeds as low as 4000 mph (which is 1.111 miles per second.)

The hoverdrive has a hard time jumping 4 times a second, let alone 66.7 times a second (which would be it’s max.) The chip I was using was jumping every tick, but I can’t be sure how far as the speedometer was flying between 3 and 5 digit numbers with reckless abandon. My top speed was measured only by my achievement meters. Perhaps I should make it jump a fixed maximum distance and increase the game’s tickrate to max (100hz vs 66.7hz.) I still don’t see it reaching light speed though :\ .

Please tell how you did it. Where you did it, what addons, what modifications were needed? How the device worked, etc…

I highly doubt that. Since it becomes unavoidable that you burst out of the map after you begin to travel a past a certain speed. I fear the only method is teleportation. And no amount of thrusters will beat the instantaneous velocities of a teleporter. I used a 1 prop contraption because it was easier to teleport in one piece. The chip I used was the “home base” it never left the spot I planted it on.

Ok guys, how about we use proper units speed of LIGHT is ~3 x 10^8 m/s (actually like 2.988 from memory) and a hoverdrive fully doesn’t count; As far as I can tell this is a really pointless thread

doesnt going backwards in a jeep go as fast as the game allows you ?

I made a train once. I wasn’t really going for speed but I made it go 200mph on straights and 75 on turns. It had rave lights :3

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I made a jeep exactly like Back to the Future and it teleproted.
I used a game data file log kinda thing to see what happened at first, the files looked like nothing.
After several tests, i was able to see that I went about the speed of 'Lightning".

But I did raise the tick rate to 100hz.
And modify the physics…

Second test, for fun…

Thruster Force = Thruster Weight
The higher the weight, the more force.
I made gravity very low (about 100) set a thruster and vehicle weight (so it wouldn’t flip) and the wieght was several trillion (LAGGY!!!) I went not even as fast as a telporter, proving whoeverthought you could do light speed with tthrusters, WRONG!

About 750 MPH