Whats the first thing you built on gmod?

Ahhhhh, i remember my first contraption… A jeep with sixty 10,000 power thrusters on the back,front,bottom and top.

Good times…

Im a terrible builder in GMOD and only play gamemodes, so the first thing i made was an airboat with hoverballs and thrusters. And thats pretty much all I still make.

The car from the tutorial

A fort it was bad an small.

a shoe a giant one

The first thing I ever built on Gmod was a giant rocket made of a bunch of explosive barrels welded together with a thruster at the end.

made a junkyard base on Construct.

Car from the tutorial.

An army of combine.

War Zone in less than an hour

a small shack, which I filled with NPCs and then a zombine set off a grenade

A Scenebuild for a pose.

The first thing I tried to build was the car, and I failed miserably at it.

I still fail miserably at it.

I spawned a bathtub and added balloons.

i made a flying bathtube with thrusters and hoverballs

A boxcar with 50 thrusters and a gman roped to the back

A couch tied to a Hunter with a pod on it.


Gmod9 was like a bed with balloons tied to it

putting gman in a bathtub and added millions of balloons that crashed the server.

1st basic thing - catapult
1st wire - wired radio controlled bomb
1st e2 - elevator controller

1st spacebuild thing - spy satellite with laser cannon

1st thing to crash my SP - wired goldfish nuke on map edge
1st thing to crash a server - a way too big space ship with alot of random junk props in it colliding and wire everything that broke some life support and make it exploder as a fusion bomb sending random props all over the map eventually crashing the server.

1st failed thing - thruster airboat
1st epic failed thing - homing nuke - yeah bad idea

1st stupid thing - spawned an antlion guard in the spacewar spawn room…and i didnt know how to no clip or anything back then

1st greatest thing - adv gyropod fighter ship with lifesupport, GPS, etc, drives like a car lol


First thing I made?

A boat made of wooden crates nailed together becuse I figured you couldnt weld not metal props.