What's the games aim?

I started playing Rust a few months ago, I love the hardcore full loot PvP aspect and destroying other people’s hideouts while protecting your own. IMO it’s what makes the game.
There will always be a few “ragers” who get mad when they lose there stuff occasionally but for the most part everyone would just spend a few hours farming and hit you right back.

Well now that the game has went to steam early access, I am seeing a flood of Carebears and trolls who want to nurf everything in the game. Guns, C4, explosives, resources everywhere, more animals, personal airdrops, impenetrable doors ect. you name it.
It’s like they want to turn this game into “@$%^craft.”

So my question is, what is the overall vision for this game? Is it supposed to be hardcore PvP or PvE? Or mixed?
As of late I’m not to confident the game will hold up to what I may be expecting.

It is supposed to be a survival game, if you want to run around with an M4 and a stack of C4 then there much better options than this game. Devs have already stated they want more emphasis on primitive weapons, so maybe this game is not for you.

You can change the weapons all you want, I’m talking about the pvp being watered down to cater to real life zombies and carebears. Is that their direction?

In my opinion the main gameplay aspect is the player interaction. Being a bandit only goes so far. If you build proper connections with other players you can start a team and slowly the game starts to evolve based on your choices. Who you attack or defend will reflect how well you can survive later in the game. It seems to me that Rust is basically just one gaint roleplaying game without anyone actually noticing it. :slight_smile: