What's the location of exported SMD files?

I’m having a hellish time trying to find em, and I’d like to get started on some real modeling. Anyone know where the SMDs go?

Wherever you tell them to in the second box in the decompiler window, you have to define a path for them. Open you decompiler and see what the path is in the second box and go there. I believe the default path is something like “drive:steam/steamapps/yourname/sourcesdk/modelsrc” check around there.

Decompiler? I don’t think I have one of those…

Then where are you getting the SMDs from? If your exporting from a modelling program, have a look at where your saving them to, there likely to be there (if you don’t know where your saving them to, do what you would to save one and see where its putting them as default).

Well, I’m using XSI, and all I’m doing is naming them…do I have to put a path into the name? Ex. “C:/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/name/garrysmod/garrysmod/models/cannontest-ref”?


Thanks for the help, but I JUST noticed the … button beside the field xD, time to get to modeling!