What's the maximum upload size Workshop can take?

This one’s directed more towards Garry, but anyone could probably answer this for me.

I plan on releasing Jorpakko probably within the next three weeks or so. If you weren’t aware, this is the map:


It has a lot of custom content. About 300mb compressed. My question is when it comes time to uploading, will workshop be able to handle it? If not, what can I do to reduce this size / is there a workaround?

I dunno about the file size, but you could probably have it in multiple parts and put it as a collection. Plus, I seen huge Skyrim mods, which I think the file size limit is the same for the whole workshop, so I say its probably 2gb

Is it possible to have the parts unlisted but have the collection show?

What’s the size of your BSP, and what’s the size of all the materials?

bsp is some 45mb

all the materials are like 350

I think the maximum size of upload is something about 100MB compressed. That what I saw mentioned on the forums here and there. So include some vital models and textures with the map file in one addon and put the rest in other addons. Not perfect, but still better then nothing. Or reduce number/size of custom content. (For example reduce quality of textures)

By the way, nice map!

last I knew it was 64MB or so but for some reason Robot sounds right with 100MB

The vital content is about 115mb or so, I’ll sort it out later

Max file size is 100mb. This is set by Valve - it’s not something I can alter… :frowning:

do you know if they plan to change it/will work with you on getting it changed

also do you know if they plan to do some sort of “svn” system where you will only be sent the files changed in an update (and aren’t downloading 60MB again for a 1KB lua file change in a model pack)

No I don’t

Banana Lord, why did you disagree garry’s post?
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So either A:

I leave out all of the content I sorted out and leave half of the users of my map hanging

or B. Lots of Parts

I think I’d prefer B.
Maybe you can sort the files by importance and upload one or two “main parts” and additional “content parts” for players who want the whole thing.

Just look at what the Mobenix creator did, he uploaded it in 5 different parts. I guess you could do the same?

edit: Sorry for bump, didnt realize the last post was 6 days ago.

I wouldn’t mind downloading a few parts, because the map is so awesome it would be worth it, just like Mobenix

You can do the following:

Make a workshop collection.
Upload your stuff in so many parts as you need to.
Then make all those parts “invisible” so no one can see and subscribe to them.
Include all your parts in the collection you made and disable the option which says something like “let the user select which one of the collection’s addons he wants to subscribe to”.
If you disabled this option, the user can only subscribe to the whole collection, therefore downloading all your content at once. Plus, the user can’t subscribe to the content parts separately, because he can’t see them.

Sry for the english grammar. Just wanted to help.