Whats the most horrible thing an admin did to abuse you in RP?

Post your stories and memories of the horrible things admins did to abuse you, pics for the laughs.

Starting with mine,

He made me sell my doors to the gun shop so he can get free guns, after words he made me give him free drugs, and sent me for jail for no reason, along with giving him money.

He also tried to force me to change my name to “I AM A FAGGOT” so I said I was going to report him for admin abuse, surprise surprise. He called me a fucking faggot using his mic, and I learned he was 12.

Not sure why I stayed on the server though, maybe because of the lulz.

He made me suck hes cock, if i didn’t i would get banned.

I know how you feel.

Once I was playing on a HL2DM RP Server, then the admin took all my money away for no apparent reason, I was nice enough to say; “What was that for?” He replied with “Cause your a faggot”. I followed after him and shot him with a Crossbow, he started whining through his mic with his little 12 year old voice that he was going to ban me, he did. I went to the forums 2 days later and posted a thread and PM’d another admin about him, apparently this was his 4th time doing this, he was demoted and they had taken me off the ban list. The other Admin came back and gave me my money back from when he had taken it from me and told me he wouldn’t let it happen again. The kid came back a couple of hours later and said he was going to get my IP and come find me and kill me. That was 4 months ago, but yeah. Thats my story. :expressionless:

this ^^ is what im talking about.

For was on gmod 9 facewan rp server, and this admin called Coolpoof physed one of my props onto a roof and when I said I would report him he banned me. I complained on the forums and he was warned (You have to donate to be an admin).

a igmod.org admin gave me 1k money, i awlays play in that server, no abuses, good mature admins.

One of my admins banned me on my server and i forgot my password to unban me from my hoster.

And he took over the server and shit so i shut it down and ddos’d his website :smiley:

This kid (god knows how the hell he got admin rights) Banned me from this server because I told him to stop crying over the mic. This wouldnt have been a problem if the ban didnt go into effect on about TEN OTHER F*CKING SERVERS. I tried to appeal the ban but he got on on the forums and deleted my posts and baned my forum user… Fking kids.

I remember construction server where all administrators spawncamped all new players with admin weapons…

Man, am I glad I was on the administrators’ side.

Well it didn’t happen to me but in HL-2 Role play a civil protection officer made another officer put his penis in the prisoners ass. Ewww!! Grody! (Plus it was an OOC moment so…) (But still considered RP because it was accounted for in-game then my CP officer was accused of conspiring against him to the higher ranks…) (Lol.)

Playing on HL2 RP (guess the server >:c) a metro cop shot me for no reason. I asked him over ooc “Why are you shooting at me for no valid roleplay reason?” His reply,“Because I can” so I went back to roleplaying. Now I was up on a bridge walking across ,and I stopped cause someone asked me something. I turned ,and talked to them… The same metro cop shot at me with an SMG. He then said in IC, “You got five seconds to run!” so I skittered off ,and went to an admin ,and asked in local ooc if metro(s) can shoot civilians for no damn reason. What happens? The admin calls that metrocop who pulls out his stunstick ,and apparently wants to beat me for no damn reason!
So I played quickly…

MetroCop1: /me turns on the stunstick ,and brings it down towards the civilians head
Me: /me throws one arm to dodge the stick ,and then uses his other hand to punch the metro officer in the gut.
MetroCop1: // Wtf nub, you can’t do that!
Me: /me brings other arm down ,and runs from the metro police.

At this point he assgunned ,and chased after me with an SMG. So I got into a building ,and he began rapid firing killing two officers.

I jumped down into a train station area ,and hid under the tracks out of plain sight…

What does the fucker do?
Slays me.

I ask him why ,and he bans me for a day.

Thanks TnB your admin/metro team really did a good job at actually fucking roleplaying.


Nice advertising…

I got ragdolled for the hell of it, and they made me do horrible,horrible things to Gman…

All I could do was watch in horror,knowing my favorite server has recruited nub admins…