What's the most you'd pay for Garry's Mod?

Well, I was thinking. I don’t really see how it’s only ten dollars. I personally think I’d pay up to fifty dollars for it. /serious. Since it’s so customizable, and all of the game modes, it’s like a one of a kind game. Lets say Garry’s Mod first came out though, how much would you pay for it?


Because of everything GMod have got now and the MUCH more to come for it in the future I would pay 10 million dollars for it.

Was sortof much cheaper than that.

I would pay 60€, because most of my Xbox games costed that much and didn’t give me 1/10th of the amusement or lasted 1/10th of the time Garry’s Mod did.
It’s kinda gotten old for me now. But there is NO denying it is the most astonishing mod ever made, and I’ll even go as far as saying it’s better than most games that are released nowadays, which are hugely hyped but then turn out to be… rubbish.

I would go for a 40$, GMod is quite old but still awesome enough to be worth that much. Oh right the bugs… make it a 25$ then.

<insert witty gaben joke here>

$60, The only game I’ve logged more hours on than GMod is TF2.

$60, its my most played game by far so defiantly worth it!

$20-30 dollars due to the recent unpleasantness with updates (and I know it’s hard to make a game and then RE-make the game for an engine update, so maybe an extra $10 for that once it’s fixed to make it $30-40)

If I’d never played it before, £25. Because I have, I can’t really place a price on it. Makes programming even more awesome.

You can’t really put a correct price on Garry’s Mod. There is a capability for unlimited content.


£40, as much as an xbox game, as I have certainally played longer on gmod than any of them. Evens out with stability though

10$ as is.

$20. Even though I’ve spent a ton of time playing it still requires other games for a lot of its content.

As much as $70.

Customizable as shit, content from many games, multiplayer (:p),easy to use but , exploits, bugs, needs really good computer.
Hm hard to put a price, because i am poor i’d say 9$.

I will pay 1 dollar.

Why? Its fun, but its only fun because of how much you paid for it. A game in which you get exactly what you paid for is no fun, but one which you got a little more? That makes you think your purchase was worth it.

20 bucks at most I think

I would pay about $25 at max, because sure, it’s a good idea but Gmod is based a lot on your imagination, and I’m not going to pay for my imagination.