Whats the name of that guy?

I made a good friend in gmod but he’s not in my list anymore.
I don’t exactly remember his username but it starts with “kieran” and some numbers. That was been a long time I didn’t see him.
If kiearn, you are reading this, plz reply.
Or if you know him.


Isn’t this what Steam search is for?

Maybe he just doesn’t like you anymore.

I know him
he said you were an ass hole

I am Kieran.

I don’t like you any more, but tell your mom I said hi.

Hey guys, where did I leave my fucking keys?

Make a thread about it


oh god the temptation

And I killed Kennedy.


I know myself and I say that YOU’RE an asshole.


ask a question

disregard all replies as bullshit without having any proof whatsoever

What am sky?

How does eat?

that’s a good summary, did you even take your time reading the replies stating that they were “him”?

Time to actually help…

Maybe he changed his name… find people who might be him, click the arrow near his name, and click “View Alias”

oh wow

this is a smart thread

You’re the only one who posts the right thing in the right thread.
So thanks a lot, but, I just found him… When the steam did ubdate, I clicked on Gmod and it shows your friends who played Gmod, so i found him.


So he was on your friends list the whole time.


Couldn’t you do that before making a thread.

heh, that name sounds VERY familiar to me :I