What's the new feature?

Garry said that there would be a new feature in Gmod that wasn’t in Valve’s games, now that the update is here, I want to know what the feature is. Anyone know what it is?

you can’t join servers anymore; basically, he just broke the game. that has to be it.

Well, there are blacklisted servers. I don’t think that is currently in any other source games.

TF2 has had those some time ago already. or were you being sarcastic?

So does TF2 and CS:S

Also the new features are:
Multi-core support
Novint falcon support

Blacklist… Meh I wont be using it but some people will

Novint Falcon support.

I think the new anti-multiplayer feature is Very useful to those that doesn’t like mingebags…


Falcon support and multi threading support supposedly.
Yeah and the anti multi-player feature to reduce lag and optimize game play.

Garry obviously did something wrong. my server is screwing up big time.

its called trial and error. we the users are kinda the beta testers too, we find the problem and report it and they fix it, the problem with this system is theres too many chiefs and not enough indians here, everyone has a failed solution or a smart comment to post.
But patience… Garry will deliver as promised I mean really. Has he let us down before and left us hanging?

We all seem to have the same problem. Cant start the server or login to a server. Well its obvious that something didnt work out in the last update so I remain patient though my server is running ok now after I butchered some files and and forced it online but I too am awaiting a proper fix.

There are only a few good servers available now and is it just me or do the graphics look better?

I think from now on Garry actually needs to make a release thread here explaining benefits, added bugs etc etc just so everyone here gets the message.

I know that none of those aren’t it, all of those features are in valve games.

Wow. This update has made this day exciting actually. See, i updated my not-so-old server to make it work again, and from that moment, a lot of effin players have come by…
It is also interesting to see how many servers that are dead by looking at the servers tab…(Look at all the servers with no users)

Sun shafts. :eng101:

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