Whats the perfect build server like?

Hi everyone.

I own a 12 slot Gmod Build server, and I would like more players to be online.

Then I have to catch the players interest, and offer something over the regular.

What would you find good on a build server?
This is server stats :
66 Tick
Hosted in UK
Very stable, never goes down exept if you spam the server with phx3 bombs and explode them!

Addons :
Fading Door Tool

You can use EVERY tool exept Dynamite and Turrets.

IP is :

So, what would you like for addons, or maps, etc?
I am currently 90% of the time on Construct or Flatgrass, so people don’t have to download things.

What would you as a player say?


Don’t give people ideas…

Anyway ill check it out later :smiley:

U need to build the perfect community

Im in the perfect community right now
Never gunna change so try and make it a nice place to be

Doubt it brah. There is no such thing as a “perfect” community. They may be good in your eyes, but never in anothers.

Disable turrets aswell, i hate building an some noob builds a box with thrusters and 10 turrets on the front then try to kill you and get in the way
As for tools:
Fading door
thats all i can think of atm

Oh right, fdorgot Stacker, Adv. Dupe, Laser, et.c

Parent, Easy Precision.

Smart Constraint
Super Parent Multi

Lots of useful stools
Mostly vanilla, good admins always on

I use to own a server like this and A LOT of people liked it.

[JokerIce] admins unlike every other servers connect to the server whitin 5 seconds after reported a player.

No Wire

No “For admin only” tools

Lots of Eddie Murphy

Just no “only admin” tools then im happy ;D

You forgot to add: no only respected or only admin noclip.

since it would be a build server i would say god mode needs to be turned on wire, phx, would easily make it the best. plus no server lag even when floods of people come in. thats my idea of perfect build server but every1 has their own opinions right :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, I got it all guys.

Everyone got noclip, TURRETS is for admins, rest is for everyone!
IP is :
Come join!