Whats the point of the player capacity and numbers

I don’t care, i don’t have time for Rust to count all the way up to however many people there are. I want to click on my server without having to waste time waiting for it to load.

Go to your preacher and bitch moan and complain…deal with the fact that the game queries all servers. if you haven’t figured out how to use the history button, then your a moron.

This is the biggest waste of a thread i have seen yet…

If have ever played any game ever. You will realize that server refresh happens no matter what.

I find I have issues trying to select my server from history while it queries… I might just be an idiot which is quite possible. I usually just start the query and go get a beer out of the fridge:)

I don’t think he’s being a moron, nor has he never played any games before. He makes a valid point.

Most games which refresh server lists, either have the option to cancel (so you can cancel after the server you’re looking for has been found), or allow you to click to connect to a server whilst the search is in progress (doing so usually cancels the refresh).

Either of these options would be handy, I don’t need several thousand servers refreshed just to check the status of the two in my history tab that I’m interested in at the time, and having to wait for it to finish searching thousands of servers before I can click to connect is a bit of an annoyance.