Whats the point of white and black rooms?

Is it for photoshopping in backgrounds? Because that’s all I can think of…

A++ thread would read again
you answered your own question there, buddy.

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Green screen basically

Extremely stupid question here: how do you use green screens in a video editor?

White and black rooms? There’s only one big white room and the dark room, if that’s what you’re talking about.

To make use of a green screen depends on what editor you’re using, but I’m pretty sure the filter is called Chroma Key or somesuch. That’s how it is in Adobe Premier at least.

Thanks. I am using adobe, so that works out good.

For After Effects, Keylight works better.

Greenscreen kind of effect, for posing.

Setting the alpha of the colour tool to 0, zapping all the walls then running around enjoying the trippy effect.