What's the Wierdest Thing ever to happen to you in GMod?

Post the strangest/wierdest/funniest/etc. thing to ever happen to you in Garrysmod.
Here’s Mine.

Recently I was making a little NPC zombie invasion with my recently downloaded Zombie Virus system. Eventually I got bored and lagged up, so I cleaned all the things on the map. Not long later as I was creating a contraption to fly around with, and I turned around to grab a pre-spawned item. What I saw next to the item was a zombie. Figuring I had just accidently pressed it when I opened my spawn list to spawn objects, I dismissed it as a human error and killed the zombie with my shotgun. I did my welding and hoverballing and thrustering with no more problems. I got in and took to the sky. I flew toward the large bunker like building and landed. I saw several more zombies emerge from it. I did not dismiss them and I looked around to figure out where they were coming from. The entire map was clear besides the dead bodies of the zombies. I got back in and dismissed it again as just a glitch that spawned a few. An hour of Combine killing and flying later, I saw a good 7 zombies appear out of nowhere in the middle of the map. I chose to stop dismissing it and search the entire place far and wide to figure out what was going on. I found no explanation. To this day I have wondered where they were coming from.
Well, that’s it.
Also, post what you think of a recent teller’s story. It’s always nice to have feedback.

They probably ran and hid in different places.

I can only dismiss that theory because of one truth: When I had cleaned the map, i literally cleaned the map. I used the Clean Everything button. And I know this is definately a false theory because when I said they just appeared in the middle of the map, LITERALLY. They just APPEARED.

What was the name of the zombie addon?

Lets see: My applyforce thing started repulsing against itself…
i spawned every gbomb and nuked them and gmod DIDNT crash
i smart welded another applyforce hovering thing. During the welding a cockpit flew off and glitched somewhere then gmod proptly crashed

I was building a sort of npc prison thing, by putting glass cylinders over npcs, and there was a sudden unexpected amount of lag. The game froze for about 3 seconds and then the cylinders flew backwards (killing all the npcs in the process) and started randomly spazzing out against a wall. They all did this in synchronise which made it even weirder.

My friend had made a car that kills you if you are not allowed to get in, and I tested it. I died, but I respawned in the middle of the map outside the world, and couldn’t move or noclip. My friend got in his car to look for me, but then I started moving too, flying around the map. It wasn’t long before my friend realized that I was somehow parented to the car :geno:

anyone ever have a glitch where the game will lag for a few seconds, and then stop lagging and all the textures will be mixed up? happened to me two or three times.

Bump of wierd stories that are always cool.


It was something along the lines of… Ahh, forget it. There’s like 5,000 that all do the same thing. It was one of the addons that cause zombie-killed npc’s to become zombies as well, but I had pretty much gutted the place, so it shouldn’t have happened.

I hate that, especially when it happened right as I had finished a car I had worked on for hours and hours, and had to restart because I could barely see what I was doing.

i left the gmod running for 4-5 hours and all the textures got messed up

I spammed about 2000 chimneys trying to see how much my computer could handle i only went down to 5 fps then i got bored removed them all spawned a flower pot and crashed :argh:

Computer game handling fail, I guess you could say.

well once i was crashing this server, and it crashed, crazy shit maaaaan.

I was trying to easyweld ragdolls into chairs on DE_SCHOOL. One of them glitched because i froze them, then it flew PERFECTLY out of the window…

EDIT: Wasnt as weird as it was awesome.

Freind: Hey, I got a scroll bar. Lets go prop push each other!
Me: Ok!

Coolest thing is crashing.

“memory could not read hehe lol hehe!!!”

One of my first wire contraptions I made was a microwave (inspired by a tutorial), but somehow I placed forcers instead of igniters. It isn’t like weird just an unexpected outcome when you expect something to catch on fire and instead your box starts flying around gm_construct.

I spawned a bunch of Klieners and all of a sudden the klieners were replaced with melons that I can’t undo or pick up with the physgun. :slight_smile:


I built a camoflauged base in darkrp and kept opening a little hole and sniping the guy that builds a wooden cross and burns it. Everytime I would snipe him, he would respawn and complain,

“ok who da fk did dat”