What's The Worst Game Community You've Seen?

Title says what the forum is about… Post about the worst game community you’ve been too, and give a small time explanation why.

For me?
Plane Builders. Even though they collapsed everything they did usually spelled Retards Inc.

Plane Builders once Slob started his DarkRP raids, no need to explain.

PhoneBurnia HL2DM RP. Sucks SO FUCKING BAD compared to gmod :smiley: (Went there alot YEARS ago untill I found out about Garrysmod.)

A year or maybe two back, we played a lot of gmod9 rp which was actually real rp (where you could not spawn or use the toolgun and where you could not get any weapons unless you were a cop), but there was a German rival community which was our rival for no apparent reason, and sometimes a bunch of 12 year olds entered the server and used bugs and glitches to make the server lag or crash.

I forgot what the community was called

Oh now I remember, it was called AmS, ironically meaning Anti-minge squad.

Well, Garrys Mod probably has one of the worst for sure.
Or probably to be even more specific, the wire mod community of Garrys Mod.
Just look at the posts on their forums, people acting like they own the world just because they know some E2? Pretty silly.

Also, wonder whats up with people making videos/movies with garrys mod? I havent seen even one that would be properly made, they are always full of some random stuff happening and no clue about having a plot or any sense in it. (Asian matrix for example.)

I wouldnt be supprised to get banned for this post too, as of like 15% of people posting in these forums have big red “BANNED” text as their avatar.

Even the simple Phun 2D sandbox game had better community than Garrys Mod.
I guess Im off to google more about it now, long time since I played it.

//Edit: Forgot to mention that even the crappy french flash based MMO Dofus has better community, even though the game fails. In Garrys Mod its the community that fails, not the game. :slight_smile:

This, and some other unknown communities for DarkRP server, when I used to play it alot (2008)

do i get banned if i say facepunch? :v:

Fail? :d

Garry’s Mod, reason is obvious I guess.

I don’t feel like flaming and getting into an argument about why so I won’t state any reasons, but Jokerice and Fortex Hotel are by far the worst communities I have ever come across in my whole GMod experience.

I just strongly advise you stay well clear, that’s all.

A crappy DarkRp ‘community’. All the admins were the owner’s friends, it was set on de_dust2 (The original map, not modded at all).

There were three classes, Cop, Citizen, and ‘lamaar’.

I tried out ‘lamaar’ and it was basically a citizen with a headcrab pill.

No RP involved whatsoever, just 10 year old minges trying to pull a sinavestos.

Mutant, there are people here who do not know who Sinavestos is.


That World War 2 roleplay server that uses a modified version of downtown_v2. There is absolutely no effort required to piss off 12 year olds if you just pick the nazi class.


Runescape by far. Check out the official forum’s rant page if you want to raise your blood pressure and hate children for the rest of your life.

Sadly, gmod.

I don’t know what happened, but the whole community attitude has changed severly since gmod1. I understand that there have always been mingebags, but everyone is now either a mingebag or super cereal.

I miss when people could be put in the same server without killing each other and build some silly contraptions.

Darkland (but it didn’t used to be this way).

They switched owners, and the admins have been fighting with each-other and the players constantly. Little kids have been give admin/mod. Nobody can get along. Everyone loves to whine. A couple weeks ago, there was a mass resignation of admins and mods who were sick of it (at least 4 or 5 admins quit)

They’re trying to get through it & are getting better. They can make their staff/management more stable, but it’ll take a lot more to change their attitudes.

Heroes of Newerth is much worse than the Gmod community :colbert:

Facepunch. :smith:

But then again, I haven’t visited very many gaming communities! :buddy: