What's the worst thing ever to happen to you in GMod?

What’s the worst thing to ever happen to you in GMod?
And I don’t have anything against stuff like getting banned, because that can be funny at times (The adminges’ reason anyway), but try to include other stuff too.

Mine is finding out that my wire thruster will NOT work D:

What’s your excuse for whining?

Randomly locking up when i’m building something

especially when you spent friggin’ hours on the thing!

I’ve had that happen to me before :frowning:

Or when the server randomly crashes or restarts… GRRR

prop killing 20 people at a time but then missing and having your self prop blocked in the spawn.

I know how to prevent that,
This will also prevent bans!

Getting hit with a flying ragdoll after throwing a grenade.


trying to use wire+phx to make a mini computer, but when I pick it up, it spazzes and flings me across bigcity.

(I use bigcity for EVERYTHING! It’s so big, and so useful!)

Doesn’t make me mad just annoying. When you are moving a prop around and it goes under you and you pull up on accident. You start floating in the air.

Spending 1 and a half hours loading spawn icons for new ragdolls I’ve downloaded and making spawnlists only for it to crash when i try to save them. Bah.

having the sky box fuck up and make a copy of everything on screen constantly, when not just a few minutes ago it was working fine until i reloaded it.
having and entire map be those shitty black and purple checkerboard colors because the asshole who uploaded it didn’t bother to put “Lol sorry but this construct map is CSS only.”

my Garry’s mod stopped working for about a year i just got it fixed :smiley:

when a mingebag drops an atom bomb on your things

making a huge nuke out of nukes, gbombs 3 bombs, then all of it exploding at once crashing you’re computer


oh and I got raped through ULX, he got the janitor looking guy to attack me when I was ragdolled. I’ve never been the same since.

Ok, this wasnt long ago, like, a week ago. Some sort of console **** up.

Ok, so im there, minding my own business on a single player game, I type “buddha” in the console, for god mode, and put sv_cheats to 1
then all of a sudden, 4 headcrabs spawn themselves, but not from where I was looking, but from the spawn point, then I put Sv_cheats to 0, and whilst they are moving around, they start to slowly fade away, then the floor goes completly black and I cant move.

SOOOOO weird. I didnt touch gmod for about 3 hours :stuck_out_tongue:
this happen to anyone else?

Having to redownload SpaceBuild 2.

did you make that up, or have we found a new exploit?


oh, and guys, most of this stuff is just typical mess-ups that happens to everyone.

I meant something unique, like this:
Banned from server…
Reason: ****ing racist!
What I was doing: I spawned a watermelon.

I don’t want this to just become another stupid-ban forum, though, so come up with your own experiences!

I’d say roleplaying.

Holding a hostage situation on a Serious RP server and having your hostage and the police crash.

True story D:

I’ve had that happen to me, didn’t want to be a terrorist afterward because the mayor (hostage) came back and said “lets wait for the cops to come back on and we can reset it up.” lost the feeling of it, decided to just spam jihad bomb on cops, was hilarious.