Whats this hissing sound?

So Ive been playing with speakers on my desk and never really noticed this before,
But I can hear a hiss when using headphones kinda sounds like running water or something.
This sound is in the world because it moves between left and right on my headphones.
Any ideas?

Radiation zones

The ocean, I get the same sound at times.

Its not radiation zones.
Its strange, I hear the sound randomly thru out the map.

well i guess its exactly that? random atmospheric wind sound

snakes probably

Sounded to me like a waterfall, it only appears a certain radius from one of the little mountains

Yea i call that sound waterfalls

It’s the naked caveman that has been following you since the beginning, whispering in to your ear :tinfoil:

I always hear that in the south of the map near the hangar. I always assumed it was the Ocean.

What OS are you on, Infomuz?

In linux I was getting lots of sound glitches and buzzes until I installed all necessary librarys and disabled the Steam Runtime.

It’s actually Garry Newmans voice backmasked subliminally telling you to play more rust.

Are you using Razer headphones? If so, there’s your problem

It’s just a random atmospheric sound. I always heard it the most in resource valley near split-rad town.

There’s quite a few places on the map where you can hear it… it almost sounds like the airdrop plane to me. I think that’s what you’re hearing, many people have mentioned it.

If they are headphones then it is probably the game,

But if it is earplugs then they may be really low quallity.

He said in the OP that the sound moves from one side to the other when he moves so it’s obviously a sound that’s in the game not something wrong with his headphones.

There is a monster near the hangar, he saw you. Next time you hear that “hissing” sound, just run away.

i get it as well but it sounds more like white noise on my sterio

Yea it comes from specific points on the map. (a lot of them actually…)
Its not noise from my pc / mic or line input.


am i really the first one to say this? come on guys

but in all seriousness it’s an atmospheric noise that gets a little distorted. not quite sure the events that cause it to show up but you can pretty much just shrug it off. i’ve noticed it more often in valleys than mountains so i wouldn’t attribute it to waterfalls. we’ll see what happens later on in development.