What's this map called?

I used to play on an RP server, and I want to use the map it had. What is the map that’s a small city with lots of shops with garage type doors in the windows?

Any help appreciated!

If you haven’t reset your PC and/or cleared the Garry’s Mod folder, it’ll still be in the maps folder.

I think that when I uninstalled Steam, it was gone. I don’t know though, I’ll check.

The maps folder doesn’t contain any maps, only soundcache and graphs.

Are you thinking of one of the rp_downtown maps? There are a few renditions of it.

That’s it! rp_downtown! Thanks!

Can I have a link for it please?

Wait, no it isn’t that one :frowning:
It’s a small map and there’s a police station and you spawn in the “corridor” where all the shops are.

Let me guess… OMGCity?

Is this it? rp_amsterville

I do love being a traitor on that map (TTT version).