whats toybox and cloudscript?

so i started up gmod today and noticed there was a new tab called “toybox” i clicked it and everytime i restarted it it had diferent props / stuff

this is the randomest thing ive seen in gmod.
what is it :stuck_out_tongue:

on a side note whats cloudscript? ive heard this term passed around alot.

There is a whole section devoted to Cloudscript. Garry even made a post answering your question.


im even more confused now
so you download mods from ingame with it??
its so clunky and awkward

also i cant find any of the good mods…its just like 60 mods which are all screw around in single player type things :confused:

Well basically it’s a beta stage feature Garry’s working on that enables you to download and play around with stuff without leaving the game. If you want, a Gmod.org - mini version for ingame use :3

Ahh i see :smiley:
I was expecting a full blown addon downloader i game.

Thanks!!! My question has been answered:)