Whats up with Falldamage in my darkrp server?

Hey, i host a server and for some reason, and from any heigh the fall damage is never more than 10.

Ive tried to add a new lua in lua/autorun/ defining sources default calculation but it did not work. I suspected that there was an override in dark rp.

I then went to darkrp/gamemode/ and in there was a lua called something similar to sv_game_functions.lua. (that right).

In there i found the falldamage was being calculated to take 10 damage, so I edited that part to the default source fall damage calculation. (Edited the function).

When i went on my server dark rp f4 menu would not work and job,wallet were both blank.
Since then i have fixed the Darkrp, but i still have the falldamage problem.

Any help please?

Its possible it may have changed the fall damage in the console of the game? I’m just fishing at this point but I know you can edit damage numbers in some games from their console.

But its not a set value is it, its a calculation depending on speed, height etc. Would seem to complicated to be a simple console command to me.

sv_falldamage 1/0 doesn’t work in sandbox either.

Dont you mean mp_falldamage?


IDIOTNESS! Fixed! Didnt notice //before the command in the server.cfg. Silly me, thanks anyway.

Glad you fixed it :slight_smile: Don’t you just hate editing Lua Files :3