What's up with hatchet BP's?...

Has anyone found a hatchet BP in the dessert?

I thought the update would fix the loot table, but I’m now at 6 days of doing nothing but barrel smashing just to find a damn BP… Spent several hours last night and no hatchet or hatchet BP. haven’t seen a single one while grinding around 3 hours a night for over a week… I don’t mean “useful BP’s” in general, just the hatchet… I see it is listed as uncommon, but it seems more like “friggin unicorn” would be a better descriptor… Something so essential should be a rather common thing to find. Is it specific to biomes? Most of my searching has been in the dessert, but I’ve started branching out to other biomes just in the off-chance…

I found a salvaged axe but it’s a piece of shit. I used it the night before yesterday’s update so they might have changed it, but it only collected 30 wood and swung half as fast as the stone axe - essentially making it gather the same speed as the stone axe. Total crap since the thing is so damn expensive. That thing should gather at least 75-100 wood per hit.

I haven’t seen a hatchet since last week’s wipe on any of the 4 servers I play on. Just before the update yesterday, one of my team mates found a salvaged axe BP. And I second what Frank says. It’s an utter piece of shit. Performs about the same as the stone hatchet overall, last about as long, and costs many times as much to build or repair.

Aye, I thought salvaged axe would be the rare one, and stone hatchet is friggin’ worthless but I’m finding myself wasting at least as much time looking for the standard hatchet BP as i would be just saying screw it and farming with the stone… either way it’s just a massive time-suck that’s not worth the effort atm.

I’m hoping with the readjustment of the loot tables in yesterday’s update that the hatchet (or BP) will drop. This stone hatchet is getting kind of tiring.

Feel free to create me a sleeping bag, craft me some ak’s and then I’ll spawn at your place, make you some hatchets. They are making you work together now so this makes sense but I would have to agree its kind of ridiculous I am the only one in my group who can make hatchets. Not complaining at the moment, kind of makes me valuable :slight_smile:

I can’t make any high value items : (

Haven’t found any good weapons, explosives, or good tools in the 30+ hours I’ve played on the recent map. I shouldn’t need a stupid piece of paper to show me how to make a metal wedge and stick it on a piece of wood.

I have the same problem. also can’t find any picks

Last week I was able to find tons of Hatchet BPs… this week not so much

Seems like hatchets might be more rare, but guns are flopping all over the place… The amount of ak firing buttcheeks i’ve seen in a couple of hours time, it’s insane!

And it’s not like they shoot once or twice or up to 10 bullets… They crap these bullets like they got diarrhea O.o Spraying the sh*t out of naked newmans running on the map, blasting their silhouettes on their walls and stuff…

I liked the time where i encoutered them once in a while and not being surprised to see a spearman heading my way. I even doubted if i was able to recognise the mysterious weapon they were holding after all this time >.>

where were you looking last week? Are you looking in the same biome this week?

I have yet to see one as well. Used to be fairly common, which they should be.

Team mate finally got a hatchet BP this afternoon from a rad town. FINALLY!

Funny you say that.

After countless rad spots, barrels and airdrops, FINALLY got one.

out of 6 persons in my house, 2 of them have the hatchet bp.

Good luck… think our servers found one… they are like ultra rare. Rarer than explosives lol.

i have this happening to me for weeks. sometime i would get 4 or 5 hatchets in 3 hours. then find the bp in a barrel. sometime i would farm barrels for 4 days (in 1 biome only) and not get any hatchets.

my theory is that different barrels gets different probability of giving different loots. for example a barrel pool in the desert may hold the hatchet bp, while a barrel pool in snow might hold the explosive bp, etc. i have no proof for what i get, cause it know random means random, but it doesnt seem random to me. there must be many “barrels pools” where they spawn differents item.

Another point i’d like to discuss is the barrel spawing area. can barrels spawn anywhere or only is specific area ? i always find more barrels in the desert, find some barrels in the snow, and rarely in the forest. i understand it may be because people get the barrel faster if its in the forest. But the question is , do they spawn in “barrel pools” or they can spawn literally anywhere on land ?

I farmed for 6 days and never got one… really made the game tough, as wood gathering was a total pain in the ass!! I think it’s good that it is a challenge, but would have been nice to get one eventually!

Finally found one myself (and the explosives BP) in a snowy highland mountain valley… kind of a bowl between a couple of mountain peaks… now I just need to figure out where explosive charges are to exact my vengence on a couple of different dessert hobos XD

Found one a few days ago, and then my friend found one the next day. Both were found in desert barrels. He also found the explosive BP in a desert barrel, and I found C4 in a radtown.

Still no gun BP’s though!