whats up with teh toggle?

I haven’t used a toggle-bind in a while, and lately when I set one, it acts like a nutter. Console feedback shows the bind being set, but the value is not 1 or 0… it’s 1.000000 and 0.000000. That’s just a harmless annoyance, but here is the REAL problem: The sucker just turns itself off after a minute or so goes by, like it’s either incremented or on a timer. Even worse, it immediately toggles when I enter the Q menu.

It’s a pain in the ass when you try to toggle for example “ai_disabled”. The toggle works, but as soon as I hit Q to spawn some NPCs, it’s turned itself off again.

Here’s how I’m doing it: bindtoggle “o” ai_disabled 0,1
That’s right… right? lol