What's up with the blood?


So what looks like a head in a bag is simply a rock.
I don’t know if I’m the only one here but I rarely see blood in this game.
I dont mean if you shoot someone but I mean on the floor or somewhere else.
Even if I kill an animal there is no blood lad on the floor and still I don’t get it why this rock can bleed. >_<

Someone else with this “problem”?


Are you on the dev branch or normal? I’ve never seen blood like that either.

Blood like that appears when you shoot a sleeping bag I believe.

It happens when you kill someone lol, or that’s how I used to see it a while back

When this screenshot was taken I was playing normal. Now I’m playing on dev branch.

Like I said under the screenshot it was a rock.

Can you guys just read my hole post? Like I said under the screenshot I don’t see blood on the floor if I shoot or kill someone/somewhat. But this rock started to bleed after shooting and this was the first time I saw blood on the floor.
I see a massive amount of blood squirting out of the body if I shoot a person or an animal but I never see that blood on the floor or on the wall.

Did your friend jump from a high cliff? Looks like his right fot is broken! :confused:

No not really. ^-^

Sometimes it looks like that on my screen. Or if they log them self out there enkles are a little bit twisted in a strange way. :smiley:


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I think its because its still in alpha. Anyway it will be cool when there are blood on the ground when someone is bleeding :smiley: