What's up with the new forum?

Why was the moddling forum moved? Now it seems out of place and klucky. It seems the work in progress, requests, and released model threads are all in one spot. Honesty, it looks horrid. Could anyone explain why it moved?

I remember reading somewhere that Garry changed it like this because he wanted all the modeling posts (Releases, WIPs, requests, etc.) all in one subforum.

Really late there, most of us have gotten over it.

It’s hard to see new releases with the constant avalanches of requests.

they still need some form of sorting, you know cause those requests come and all, and wash out all the important threads, they should at least put the requests section back somehow

It makes it easier for people to bump really old threads.

Which is happening WAY too often lately

When it’s looking for stuff released by porters who are well known for producing cool, quality stuff, it’s easier to find. CTRL + F and search username. But any new modellers who are starting out haven’t got a chance in hell.

It is also mitigated somewhat by the content tags, the “Release” tag. Maybe that’s why Garry did it, so the little tag icons get more use. Both in site and in actual context, you’re now looking for the blue release tags in this mess.

Sorry for being late, I was on vacation. Anyhow, the blue tag is useless because you still have to look through all of the other stuff to find one release.

And “by gotten over it” we mean stopped posting.

Easy to notice too, the only new thing in this part of the forum is a stream of requests.

Layout of the forum:



Yeah, I haven’t really bothered to come to this forum in awhile because there’s a shit ton of request threads all over the place. It’s bad, it’s sloppy, but garry’s a stubborn sadist cunt so it’s not going to change.

Easily one of the worst forum changes ever, how fucking dense do you have to be to think that lumping in discussion/WIP threads, Release threads, and the unending torrent of stupid requests from entitled children is even remotely a good idea?

I may have been the only too notice but there have actually be a small decrease in the amount of requests.

They probably think there isn’t even a place to request things anymore.

Or they don’t bother because their threads get buried so easily.

Except for those “big game” threads, like the marvel vs capcom 3 for example.

everybody feels too disheartened to release stuff here now, it’s terrible. I pray to God Garry will change it back.

Yes. People may have to even bump their own release threads to get some publicity after it is pushed to the second page in like a couple of hours.

The change was stupid and not very well thought out. Garry should always have a poll before making major changes to the forums like this, and screwing everything up…