What's up with the new forum?

garry is more of a “do first, ask questions later” kind of fellow

and don’t forget to not fix a damn thing unless people whine loud enough!



h2 is much louder than that!
like this

There should be more posts about this in the “Ask Us About the Forums” thread.


I think you’re assuming gary gives a shit.

Who’s gary? Do you mean garry?

But yes, he doesn’t give a shit. He’s like silver spirit.

deal with it

Ok, let’s do it. We are tired of the wait and see approach and need answers!

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post with me brethren!

I hardly see stuff being released, makes me sad, Garry is killing content for his own creation. It is also way too chaotic and unorganized for me to actually find stuff, was used to the nice distinction between release and request :frowning: give it back please!

Maybe with the icons he can switch back the threads.

But he is too lazy to.

he’s not too lazy to, he’s practically a god when it comes to coding. he just thinks he’s right all the time, like almost everyone else with a notable talent. everyone in this section notwithstanding, ofc.


Yes, we should take this to the correct thread. I’ve made my say, again. I’d suggest you do too.

Gentlefellows and Fakeladys.

If I temporarily set up a Models section like the old one on my forums, would you guys be interested?

It would only be until Garry comes down from his meth trip and fixes shit anyway.

Why not?

Good idea

well I’ll let you guys debate on the idea, as it would take me a while to set it up so you guys filter away from the main body of the forums.


The only problem is the majority of people won’t know where to look for the releases…

At least weare geting a public poll on the subject. 91.67% want the old forums back.It’s great to have choice but I can’t recall an advance warning saying they were going to merge them all.

I still think, he’s trying to force us to move to the steamworkshop :frowning: