What's valves stand on the use of thier models?

So say I have L4D2 and I pack all the models I use into it and distribute it to gmod players, is that technically legal? The debate was brought up between a friend and I yesterday so, Discuss.

My thought is it’s legit since if you DL any of the Ded servers you get the models.

everyones been doing it for css, ep1 and ep2 content for a long time.
so i think it wont be any worse.

Its not, but they don’t care imo.

If they cared they would have had some way to stop it a long time ago

What’s the point? Just use Gm_mount2

Exactly, it’s not like you could really use the bare models in Gmod anyway. (From what I’ve heard Gm_mount2 changes them automatically so you can use them)

thanks for your thoughts guys, I’m waiting for a response from valve directly but I also feel that it’s not a big deal, for one the damn things are embedded into the bsp. and roughly 95% of users won’t know how to get them out, and even then it wouldn’t be worth it since it’s not all the models and materials.

And while Gm_mount2 is an option, I’m not sure it gives full access to all games (Even ones you don’t own)

It does if you just pasted the shit into a folder in Sourcemods. Just name the folder “LEFT 4 DEAD”.

Which extracts EVERYTHING. Maps are unusable and face it, the only thing you want are the models and materials, not scripts and particles.

In a post on the steampowered forums years ago, Valve stated that you can crossport content to different games within the source engine (CSS -> HL2, DOD -> CSS, etc.) but you aren’t allowed to back port content from Source to HL1 (Gold Source), although people have done it anyway.

Kind of weird seeing combine soldiers and turrets in half-life levels. They look pretty awful though since there is no normal mapping, specular mapping and they use another NPC AI as a base (think the black ops grunts.)

That’s stupid. They should just use the regular Combine AI and use the HL:S maps which are identical and already in Source.

Then they wouldn’t really need to back port it, since it’s the same engine. We’re talking GoldSrc HL1, not the Source version.

What I meant is why would they take the time to back port it when they could just use the HL:S maps with HL2 enemies.

Because the GoldSrc version is better and actually has autosave?

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And lower system requirements.

Ah. Okay, I guess that makes sense. Thank you for explaining this concept to me.

Meh, some people do things for no reason. You’re welcome anyways.

valve don’t really give a shit as long as you’re not making money off of it

hell I’ve even seen people making money off of it with adverts and shit but don’t do that

Like Zally said, it was the GoldSrc engine, not HL:S. The project that did that was around well before HL:S was released.

It also technically wasn’t the GoldSrc engine either, it was a heavily modified version of it called SOHL, which seems to be defunct since chatbear.com and Valve ERC died.

Chatbear died? I never joined, but they seemed to be a cool community.

In my opinion, as long as your not making a map for profit, and you mention the original creator into your design, i say it is legal. If your making a map for profit with models and materials you didnt make, then its probaby illegal