What's with all of this server crashing?

I’ve been trying to play Rust this morning after the update. Every server I join, ends up crashing every ten minutes. Does anyone else have this issue?

I’ve had my server crash a couple of times. No idea why.

I’ve heard from a server owner that Facepunch is currently working on stability issues, and it’s causing the servers high CPU usage. I could be wrong.

just a clientside patch or need the server also a steam update? not sure

This is what I got from my server provider but it was 2 days ago. Don’t think its the same issue because this was about when Steam went down for a bit but who knows!

"There is currently an issue with Rust servers where if the connection to Steam servers drops then all Rust servers use 100% CPU until this connection is reestablished.
During this time all Rust servers will experience lag issues and rubber banding effects.

We have forwarded this to the Rust development team to investigate"

My server sends out an email every morning between 8am and 9am. It warns of high CPU usage and a potential restart. No one is ever own at this time so no clue as to why the large spike in CPU usage.

Yeah my pc is spiking its usage to around 34% and nothing has ever got it past like 8 or 10. Rust never did that in the past either until these last two updates.

ok but need the server also to run steamupdate?

Same problem. CPU usage goes up slowly. Than I have to restart to prevent that players lose items.

Very very annoying. And that while I try to get people on the server…

Same my server crashes every few hours, at least it restarts itself automatically.

Yesterday my server restarded 7 times in 5 hours… Spikes at 15-20%
I have no idea why ? My server runs with Oxide and 3-4 small plugins.

Same problem here, it seems fixex since the last 9mb patch.