whats with my garrysmod?

I had to much junk on my gmod game so I deleted everything and reinstalled it cuz it slowed down to much. When it was done re installing I played it again and its like the npc 's are skipping, as if the gaming is running skippy but its not. Like, the npc’s dont run as smoothly as they would. they move like in 2 frames at a time and it annoying! what the heck is goin on?

Wrong section.

Here’s the right one.

Try reinstalling gmod completely not only the garrysmod/garrysmod folder you might have added some addons into different folders and that’s causing the problem.

Was there any addons that you installed recently that affected the framerate, animations or maybe how the NPC’s work?

Unmount Age of Chivalry under extensions.

It’s an effect used in AoC to make dead players bodies move like they’re wearing armor. However, this effect carries over to GMod when it mounts it and gets applied to NPCs for some unapparent reason.

						I need help because I want to download from garrysmod.org click  the download file and discards log in to download as I click on the  caption write username and password and click login and emit That  account does not seem to own GMod. If it does - it's set to private,  please make it public for this process an Coppermine as a profile which  placed the public on both Please Help !!!!!!!!!!!!! 						


Its quite clear, isnt it? Buy gmod first derp.