What's with the sheet metal

I’m new to rust and I recently relised that sheet metals poop. The tier below it is better against raiders and that’s just bad game design.


Wood-1 c4 to destroy
Stone-2 c4 to destroy
Sheet metal-3 c4 to destroy
Armored-4 c4 to destroy

Did sheet metal get a buff or I’m I just being stupid.

Please consider my suggestion

it did
it takes 2 C4 and people are not able to hack it like stones

Not to mention sheet metal doesn’t cost very much metal at all, not compared to stone anyway.

1 stone wall = 300 Stones.
1 sheet metal wall = 105 Metal Fragments.

so it balances out, its definitely better then stone, only by a small margin though.

Depends! If you have a definite strong side, stone is still my choice due to the fact you can’t peep through. Sheet metal is for those 50-50 places a raider could blow in from either side, like honeycomb.

Sheet is a 100% choice for floors and foundations though.

Yeah I personally use stone myself. just don’t see the point in upgrading to metal.

oh sorry I was just being stupid

Admins on my server tested this about a month ago, sheet metal WAS 3 c4 back then. It’s generally preferable to stone as even the weak side needs c4

Nah not necessarily, with 2-3 people you can take down a sheet metal wall from the weak side in about 10-15 minutes with just bone clubs. Watched zuckles do it in a stream about a weekish ago.