Whats wrong with making the female model "sexy"?

I don’t understand the mentality behind making the female model unattractive. is this another one of Garry’s attempts to get noticed in the media? >“Average female models make their way into rust, no supermodels here”<. It’s not like women have to look the way Garry portrays them to look. I’m sure if a woman with any drop ambition whatsoever would work out in some way to improve her physic if she looked like that…

Not to brag, but i’ve seen plenty of women naked, average to great, to no so great. But i have to say that even the not so great top garry’s current “idea” with the female models. And whats the deal with no hair? For men this can be considered normal, but women are going to need some kind of hair randomization. Otherwise people on the outside looking at this game will think everyone has cancer.

In an apocalyptic scenario, people wouldn’t look too great.

I honestly don’t care enough to even think this is topic that needs to be discussed. Rust hardly is about enjoying your nice looking character all day like some games, instead its about bashing skulls in and eating human meat.

They look like average people, and now women too can play with their own sex. I personally really don’t care if the models are ‘sexy’ or ‘handsome’, as long as they’re well made.

Agree with shanzo. But the gurls need to grow some Hair on their heads.

Lmfao you are so gay

I know its hard never having seen a naked woman, but the projection is just awkward bro

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Not really since it will all be randomly selected like skin color.

i agree that the rust chicks shoud be sexyer… also, i should look lyke this coz i am hot iRL:

seriously, they are going for more realistic women, and the model is about a month old and being tweaked. i agree it needs some work, but i would hate to see WOW females with bikinis for armour and anorexic porn star figures in rust.

Dude, that can’t be you from real life! That’s a screenshot from ARK!

Just that line. I had to say something about that line… " Not to brag…but brag"

That point aside. a naked body is a naked body. And some of the contestants from “Naked and Afraid”(show on Discovery Channel about survival, without clothes) look fairly close to the rust models.

But something about the female models does feel off… and i think it’s mostly her face… shaved is fine. everyone dropped off is head-shaved, so whatever.

The face of female model looks really close to male’s. Almost like they’re twins or at least siblings.

Plot twist : Everyone in Rust is inbred twins.


Because a combination of Garry’s bullshit politics and laziness mean no character selection or customisation of any kind whatsoever is allowed. And if you complain on the forums about it or ask for the ability to select an avatar that looks like you, you’re a racist, sexist shitlord and should go fuck yourself.

I gotta disagree. proportions, skin-tones, and and height are subtle, but definitely different. It’s based on your steam ID, so you cant change appearence. you are who you are. otherwise everyone will be running around as Long John, and Big Boob Jude. It was a DECISION to not let players choose. Not laziness.

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but yea. he doesn’t allow you to choose male or female. and I’m kinda indifferent. on one hand, it makes the game 50/50 on gender of characters. on the other, female players dont get to be female half the time. of course they normally play as male characters anyway to lessen harrassment.(this is based on my female gamer friends. dont have any real stats to back it up. )

Well lets make male model extremely ugly too then. How comes the fact that guys get a regular dudes body while ladies get an ugly beasts? Srsly when i first showed my girlfriend how the female model will look she said she’d stop playing. Women take visual appearance much more seriously than us so i really cannot understand why they are the ones that have to be punished. If the devs think that kids would fap to a rust model they should wake up - its the 21st century.

I wonder too. It’s ok to have guys with small cocks, medium cocks even big cocks, somebody spent some time to work on this but with women it’s like they have to be flat and can’t have different brests… I want brest size based on STEAM ID!

If shitty 3d tits makes her stop playing, she’s free to go. That’s a really stupid reason.

It’s not even in game yet and you’re arguing about it?! There’s plenty else to argue about that actually exists.


(not trying to derail, but some people are genuinely whining about it for racist/sexist reasons. everyone needs to remember that the team can do whatever they want with rust; hell it could become barneys funtime spelling adventure and we would have to deal with that or stop playing.)

Is there any reason that they shouldn’t be how the developers want them to look besides how you want them to look?

The game is early access, the model is unfinished, and maybe there’s a reason lore wise why everyone (M & F) are bald? Maybe they do intend to add variable breast sizes?

No point throwing a shitfit when something is unfinished and you have no idea what the intended plans are for it.

Pretty sure the way to make both character models is to add hair, atleast the woman model because the model in the game atm looks weird without hair, kinda like a little boy’s head on a grown woman’s body lol.