whats wrong with my code?


Firstly, post errors - if any. Also, you should try using :SetText() on those buttons.

For DButton1 and DButton2, you forgot to end the DoClick functions. So you need to do this:
[lua]DButton1.DoClick = function()
–Code when button is clicked

DButton2.DoClick = function()
–Code when button is clicked

According to your name, “BananasRP”, I’m assuming you’re running a community depending on a gamemode you are running. If so, god help them(If he existed…).

Anyway end your doclick functions.

Lol I’m so late. I didn’t hit post for 10 minutes cause I got a phone call, WakeboarderCWB beat me to it.


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you didn’t. -.-

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Also, you should read http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Functions

I got this stuff working.

Alright, but you should really read what zzaacckk posted. Remember that all functions, if statements, for loops need to have an end.