What's wrong with my fps?

I don’t know but compared to my friend, he plays Gmod with max settings and running @ 25-35 fps
I’m running gmod at lowest settings and running @ 15-20 fps, and my video card is better than his. What…The…F…

Note: I got a 9800 GX2 shouldn’t that be good?

You shouldn’t have that problem with the 9800 gtx2, I can’t really offer any advice.


post your system info

Ensure your drivers are up to date.

All my driver are up to date.
My Specs are:
9800 GX2
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.83 GHZ
500 GB HDD
800 Watt Power Supply

It’s a beast of a computer

Does this problem only occur with GMod? Or do you get low FPS in other games?

this happens only in Gmod, in other Source Games I get around 200 fps maybe higher at times

Gmod Settings:
Vsync is off
Most detail settings are at lowest


(User was banned for this post ("bump" - Benji))

(User was banned for this post ("bump" - Benji))

I get it too, only in Gmod same as you, there seems to be something fucked with player movement.

your FPS is fine i think, its just that while your view is parented to your player it will be jittery because your actual movement is jittery. I tested this by placing a camera and throwing/blowing up props and it was smooth as silk, then i ran my player into the camera’s field of view and it was moving skippy/jittery.

Occurs both in single-player and online.

check with cl_showfps 1, not net_graph 1.

I get around 200 FPS on max graphics (On empty flatgrass, that is.) with these specs:

Intel Pentium 4 3,20 GHz

GeForce 7600GT

2 Gb ram.

Your beast of a machine REALLY shouldn’t have any problems running it at all.

I’m sad now =(