What's wrong with the community?

EDIT: Before you read, understand that I am not trying to start an argument here. There just seems to be too many people willing to insult you for no reason on any topic for the sake of being a dick it seems.

Seriously, what is wrong with this community of players? This isn’t Xbox Live and we’re not playing Call of Duty here… (I’m not talking about IN game stuff)

I see new players asking questions here on the forums and everyone treats them like pieces of shit for asking simple questions about current / future state of the game.

Anyone posts anything that might be an issue with the game from their point of view and they get bashed for it. If there’s an issue, people NEED to speak up so it can be known. Not just stay quiet for fear of being bashed by the community here.

Anyone who posts a video about anything will get shit on as well. Trying to show people how to do stuff ends up with “We know how to harvest rocks, why’d you waste a forum post?” kind of responses. A lot of people DON’T know how to do the basics in rust.

Someone made a post about the steam release “ruining” the game due to all the new players. And he got the elitist responses all over about “how do you think “we” felt when july keys were given out?” Stuff like that.

Everyone needs to stop acting like they’re special because they got in the first wave, second wave, third wave of alpha, etc… and start treating people like they’re not worthless like everyone here seems to be so damn fond of.

What community? There’s a community? All this time I’ve been in a community and I didn’t even know it…

Anyway, I guess it’s just annoying to see the same old stuff over and over again. “How do I get metal fragments? What is a rock? Why does everyone kill me?” And the new people who expected this to be some kind of hand-holding game where people sat down for a discussion before deciding to kill each other or not.

People think they like survival games, but when it turns out that Rust really means it when they say it’s a survival game they come here and complain. It’s a difficult game to get started on and that is not for everyone. You’re going to die a lot, sometimes for “no reason”. You’re going to lose your stuff. You either adapt and overcome or you don’t, but that’s not good enough for some and they want the game to be changed to cater for them.

And at least half of the people posting videos are just looking to spam their shit so they can make $2 off youtube ads.

BTW, you posted a video called “Trolling the neighbors”. Do you consider yourself to be a good community member when you admit to being a troll? That seems hypocritical to me.

The only thing putting me off from buying this game is because this subforum shows me how god-awful, immature, and spazzy the community is. I really want to support a Facepunch release but god damn, people, you’re not literally naked rock toting savages, come on!


this games’ fun stems from the people that play, and the only people that play are kids that play it like a garrysmod game mode, and treat any newcomers like worthless. even though it’s incredibly ironic because 80% of the people posting in this subforum do not even amount to basic levels of human intelligence.

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It’s a survival game that is trying to capture the essence of human interaction and collaboration. What these people do, these naked m4 bandits, are things not even done by barbarians of the most vicious of sort; and that is kill your own species for sport and without hesitation, regardless of what rewards or otherwise negative outcomes could arise. You say it is a survival game, but you don’t actually play it as a survival game, you play it like an FPS. Human survival requires fellowship, something this game lacks, and will continue to, until either the community improves (doubtful) or an actual hard system is implemented into the game to discourage people from thinking this is a deathmatch with hunger.

You have no idea how I play this game. :wink:

And what was “dumb” about my post by the way? Or are you just trolling the comment ratings?

This happens with any game, especially when it’s still in development and no one knows how to search or Google stuff.

frankly i dont care how you play the game.
When I say “you” in my previous post, it is directed towards the rust community, not you as an individual stop being so vain.
it’s how the game is supposed to be played that matters

i rated your post dumb because you claimed to know what a survival game is, and clearly don’t.

There was a first wave of hate from people who were part of the forum for a long time and had been playing the thing for months it somehow got popular and tons of kids joined and making threads about basic questions or making shitty suggestions and basically having really poor forum etiquette (nobody’s asking anyone to spell everything right or read through an entire forum looking for an answer but people were writing like complete idiots and making threads for questions that were answered on the first page of the forums or the highlighted, stickied rules post)

That’s happening again because those very kids have achieved some semblance of intelligence and there’s a new wave of completely new people coming from the Steam release.

Personally, I favor helping people and surviving rather than killing for a bunch of chicken breasts and some stone.

Yesterday I was building my house in the cover of the night and 2 new players came over. I gave them food, directions, but most importantly: trust. We played for 2-3 hours straight before I died to a bear to save them.

In the end, it was way more gratifying than killing them both the moment I saw them coming near my shelter.

Welcome to facepunch?

you must be new to the internet

After I added these rating trolls to my ignore list will they still be able to see my posts?

there needs to be more players like you. people don’t realize it’s far more rewarding to help people, especially since this is a game where you too will need help

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trolling you so hard

Careful with the comment rating spam Hybrid.

I’ve been a regular on these forums for 8+ years, you don’t need to warn me about anything :v:

People creating all these dramatic threads… Pfffsshhh

Please don’t tell me that you actually give a fuck about ratings?

Of course not, and I care even less about the ratings from a tryhard troll such as Hybrid. I just don’t like getting spammed with them for no reason.

clicking a cardboard box is soo try-hard

Agreed. This forum is a cesspool.

That means you care about ratings…
You’re not getting notifications that interrupt what you’re doing whenever you get rated, so you’re not being “spammed” with them.