Whats wrong with this file?

I was going thought garrysmod.org and I found this file
dose any one know whats up with it?
p.s i suck at grammar

(mar. 13, 2008)

ok once more I found another file that has been reported can some on tell me whats up this time again.



No you don’t suck at grammar. I do, anyways the File and Npcs are Mine I am the one who made them for all you people.
As far as I know they Work 100%, I had six People test them for me. seven if include myself. I uploaded them three times so far fixing the missing Skins and Models. the 2nd time I uploaded them someone reported it as soon as it was uploaded. I know for a Fact that No one could Download a 111 MB file in ONE minute. on top of that the other Parts where not even uploaded yet. So if he did downloaded them that fast They wouldn’t have worked at all.

So I uploaded them all again and Out of the blue Some guy named XxX FARE GOD XxX Steamed me saying that I was STEALING His IDEA.

I blocked his ass, So the only thing I can think of is that he is the one who reported it.
I don’t care I know there’s nothing wrong with it.
As soon as it’s checked, it’s fine.

So try it out if you want, and Have Fun.

So this is basically rebels with a different skin? wow wee.

If you’re being sarcastic, I’m with you on that.
Well no offense intended, Evildead. I understand that you’ve put a lot of effort, it’s just my opinion.

Does it work only with beta? And does any Ragdoll/NPC replace another ragdolls or NPCs?

What beta?

Garry’s mod beta

Duh, I mean what beta? The beta with the new GMod stuff that lets you use the Orange Box content?
If that’s the one, Jesus Christ…

There is nothing wrong with the file, just a 7 year old kid going around reporting all NPC files he sees.

Hey, great NPCs, thanks for the upload.

But, I downloaded the new packs (1-5) and replaced all the original models and materials, but I get the red ERROR model when I try to spawn any of the “New Alyx” models. Before the fix her model spawned, but with the dreaded pink and black checks.

Anyone else have this problem?

Wait wait… what beta?

I think he is referring to the Gmod beta which includes the new, unreleased Updates. Garry created a SVN Gmod which is always up-to-date.

still its fun to gman killing things so good job

Same problem here, and i have the full steam package :confused:

I also get the error when spawning certain models and i downloaded all the packs.

Me Too, and looking into the rar files. I saw some… folders called “dildo” and such, what do these do… no models just some materials, saw nothing in game.

I also get the red error for some of the models. Mostly the Alyx ones and some others.

I think you need the nude alxy ragdolls.

I also get some errors and one of the “New Alyx’s” has a checkerboard pack on her belt. So I get error people and one with a checkerboard bag. The rest work fine. One thing I gotta not though, The game doesn’t determine their genders properly. Is there a way to notify it of the gender of the NPC being spawned?

I found strange materials in the packs, Lineage 2 dark elf character texture elf texture and clothes etc… but i get at least 10 errors