WHATS WRONG WITH THIS GAME???????!!!!!!!!!!!

everytime when I enter in game I start NEW GAME EVERYTIME!!!
I play on one server, i have or i had sleeping bag, house with walls, door and celling, but alwyas i start outside and far from home.
GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY I paied not for lags, hackers, and problems, i paid for fum and some bags cause it is alph and ect BUT IT IS NOT FUNNY !!!

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Holy shit :v: not when you ask like that

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Also the game is in alpha, you should have read before you purchased. Your own fault, and no one elses. Don’t be stupid next time.

“Please note that the product you are purchasing is in Alpha / Early Access. Some of its contents may be missing or incomplete because it is a work in progress.”

are you kidding me, where was write- in this game somebugs, BUT WE HAVE A LOT OF LAAAAAAAGS CHEATERS AND YOU ALWAYS START AGAIN AND AGAIN

“OMG I AM SO MAD! The game doesn’t work how I want it to, so I am going to scream and shout about it like a right proper anusmouth and demand my money back, that will show them! Even though I can’t read and did not realize the game was in Alpha and even though it was plastered all over the page!”

it says it literally on the store page that\



You paid for an incomplete / early version of the game to play and report bugs, input suggestions, and help shape it. If you didn’t want it, you shouldn’t have paid the money for it.

Hate to tell you, but there’s no refunds on incomplete products that you purchase and ACCEPT THE TERMS OF AGREEMENT to.

You’re down shit creek without a paddle guy. Play on a different server or wait for later versions to be released.

Flaming the forums and ranting like you’re doing is not a way to get your voice heard… only squelched.

So you are going to throw a temper tantrum here and demand your money back? That’s cute, what are you, 8? Better get you to bed, you must be tired. :v:

OP better doubleshit check himself

Lmfao… Is it sad that I laughed hilariously hard at that picture? I feel amused and satisfied now. Thank you kind sir.

I just say can somebody in company make like, DOORS AND WALLS DO NOT BREAK
IS it really hard???

Your anger is making me really hard, I’ll tell you that!

It’s a survival game. The idea is to survive. Build smarter and safer. So build out of the way where it would be hard to find and build big. Not big as in tall. You want to build squat with multiple layers so it takes more to break in. Don’t leave holes in the ceiling and don’t build windows unless you put bars in them. The reason why you restart every time is because you’re getting killed while offline. Be smart and that won’t happen (as much).

Jonnymad, your opinion about me and my minds about problems PROMBLEMSSSS in RUST does not interesting for me
and if you have rus eng translator use it for this “я ебал твою мать”

Maybe look for a server with no PVP and no Sleepers? yes? no? well whatever I’m just gonna leave this right here…

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Calm down little ruski, I’ll pour you some strong vodka before you go to sleep, I promise. I’ll even rock you to sleep if you want, and sing songs of the motherland if you wish :smile:

I do my best for survive, but is it really my mistake when somybody found my house and breaking door? and how i should survive when i offline??? when off i must sure that my house is safe, or you think i always must think about this game???

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stereotypes sucker:v:

Rust isn’t for casuals.

Always look up reviews, info and videos before buying. Don’t just buy on a whim ever.

now that’s just some tyrannical, russian-type style bullshit right there

[sp](Sorry, I couldn’t resist, it was too fitting!)[/sp]

Serious question, was your house just a wood shelter with a wood door? Anyone can easily break those down and kill your sleeper.

No, if you want to survive you either build a well-fortified base, or you log off in hidden locations.