What's wrong with this poly code?

this code:

(b is ScrH())
{ x = 215, y = b-65 },
{ x = 274, y = b-65 },
{ x = 274, y = b-55 },
{ x = 281, y = b-55 },
{ x = 281, y = b-40 },
{ x = 274, y = b-16 },
{ x = 207, y = b-16 }[/lua]
produces this ugly, overlapping result (look closely and compare to other image, for one the glitched part of this is not straight like the other, two it gets blacker because of an overlap somehow):

I have messed around with it for a long time, I want to make a shape exactly like this with just polys:

It seems as if the glitched poly is trying to link to poly #1, rather than the one right before it sequentially.

Drawing it without transparency is not an option.

polys cannot be concave.

You would produce a much better result and save yourself lots of time and effort in the future if you used a texture instead.

But another person made that with polys…


Both are made with polys, so…

He probably manually decomposed it to a bunch of convex polygons.

Wow… I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. Thanks, it worked.