What's wrong with you guys? (Ban topic)

I don’t understand this “nazi” way of handling people on server.
From what I see all the people that have a VAC ban on some game are inspected as they
were some kind of animals. This is frustrating since I have once cheated in an online game,
I shall not hide it as I’m proud of it. You may ask “Why?” am I proud. And I’ll easily answer you:
“I got revenged at the dick that was aimbotting me” I dont care about the red line saying I’m banned
nor do I care about what people would think, but this crazy way of handling people with bans is crazy.
Here is a message from one of those ban “nazi’s”:

I mean, really? How low can you go? Even if we do have VAC ban’s that does not mean that we are shit
and we deserve to be less respected then anyone else. We are all players, and this is one of the reasons that
most people play on official servers, no stupid admins as such that are disrespectful tords anyone,
thinking that everyone with a ban is a “L33T H4CK3R FOREVER” news flash to you server owners:

Thanks for reading.

To Jonny:

These arn’t mine.

Are you sure about that part?

Didn’t even bother looking, you admitted to cheating, thanks though.

He basically said if someone has a VAC ban then he watches them closely, how is this not ok? It’s like an inmate on parole. You telling me if someone came up behind you and hit you in the back of the head every time they came up behind you that suddenly because they said they wouldn’t do it, you’d trust them and turn your back to them? No you’d be very cautious and keep an eye on them.

Same as saying to your classmate “Yeah I trust you” and look after him waiting till he backstabs you.

If you have a VAC ban on your account you are immediately banned from my server. Similarly, if you have a new account created since the first Rust VAC bans went out and Rust is the only game you own, you are immediately banned unless someone else on the server will speak for you.

We have over 100 active players a night, my job as admin is to protect our current community from hackers, not give past cheaters a 2nd chance. Find somewhere else to play.

You might think it’s harsh, but these steps have made our server the most hack free high pop server around.

I got 4 friends I know that are using hacks in Rust, no hacking past in any game and they have 40+ games on their accounts, good luck having a hacker free population.
And yeah, I dont even give half a dick about your server, I’d tell you what you can do with that server, but then I remembered you only RENT a server, you do not own it.

I wish every admin adopted these requirements.

The only hacks that work right now are easy to spot. Hackers don’t make it past 1 or 2 victims.

Then those are shitty hackers, hackers dont leave a tray. Unlike most hackers that go out and aimbot everyone. Some hackers do it quite, raid houses with a super jump, blow it with C4’s that they duped.
Sadly you are unable to understand there is no such thing as a hacker-free server.

When you have 130 people on a server you cant super jump around without being seen.

Server name? I’d like to see this 130 server with my own eyes.

Here is how I see it. Others may view it differently.

Having a VAC ban or being a confirmed cheater (even if it’s from your past) illuminates that you are willing to cheat.

Yeah, you are going to get scrutinized, every step you take, until you can demonstrate that you grew some integrity. And you will probably have to continue to do so in the future as well. You may convince some, and some folks may never trust you ever.

Is it a pain it the ass? Yeah. But It’s also an opportunity for you to really exercise and challenge your character.

Kinda the same reason we have sex-offender registries. There is no way to trust that the individual won’t keep doing the stuff that got them on the registry to begin with. So we track them to protect our communities.

All that hassle got started the day you decided to cheat, for whatever reason.

So it goes…

The sex-offender comparison is kinda off. The scope is different and it really isn’t appropriate for cheaty/ban stuff.

A better one would be the “Reason for leaving previous position” blank on a job application.
If you are honest and write “Because I stole $30 from the till, but I won’t do that anymore.”, there is a pretty good chance your application will just be trashed on sight.

Simple cause and effect. You got caught cheating, and folks that are aware of it will profile you, regardless of how right or wrong it is.

Hahaha. If you cheated then yes, you deserve to be looked down upon and perhaps even feel a few sprinkles drop down unto your face from where I stand.

Don’t cheat. Simple as that.

Right, after saying you play with 4 hackers I’m going to give you my server IP.

If it was for me i would ban the whole steam account with a single VAC ban…there would be a lot less hackers (and those left would be much easier to detect since they would be single game accounts).

There is no excuse for hacking apart for being an asshole, so for me every admin that adopt that philosophy of immediatly banning anyone with a VAC ban, is doing it right…you cheated in the past? now deal with the consequences, you deserve them all, and be happy that STEAM makes more money by not banning your whole account.

Says the guy who admits to hacking and then whines about getting banned.

people with less than 300 days will obviously be very sketchy

so even if I, a legitimate player, has an over 1000 day vac ban that could have been from anything, join, I’m instantly banned?

You’re “Guilty until proven innocent” logic is just silly as shit. if that’s really the case then, I really doubt your server is as good as you say. Quality over quantity.

Exactly this dystopian psycho bullshit is what would make steam huge amounts of money.

a kid just happens to get stupid, or gets angry, or whatever will have their steam account totally deleted just because they cheated on some game once.

OR they had their account stolen. Guess what?every thing is gone now, forever that 2000$ worth of games is completely gone even with an account recovery.

Didnt get banned, I play official servers.

You don’t deserve respect.