What's your best contraptions?

Okay this is basically a "Post-your-most-awesome/fun-contraption thread.
You don’t have to try to be better than anyone else or anything.
You don’t post unless you’ve made it yourself.

And myself,
i’ve made a thing called the EHWM. It stands for EPIC-HOMING-WASHING-MACHINE, and it’s a failed follower which turned out to land on its target with massive force. So i turned it against people and their contraptions if they were assholes, ruining my work etc. And it did the job and freaked them out massively.

I’ve also made a bridge some time ago, which i walked over some 100 times or so just because i was so pleased with it.

And i made a jeep-heli a year ago or so.

It was great fun :smiley:

Now post yours!

I made a machine out of 2 Stargates (one had an iris), some PHX props (so you couldn’t see what was inside), an E2 chip, a button, and some wheels.

it had a spinning base (1 wheel), which had a pole on top. The pole had another wheel which connected to a PHX box I had made (the box covering both Stargates).

When I push the button, it would cause the Stargate with an iris to dial the other Stargate (which was at the front of the box, just covered on a PHX plate).

I would some times wire it to start dialing with a Wire Ranger, so anyone coming in would get blasted by the cloud that comes out of gate.

It was good fun, especially when I put it on a block, and added wheels to the block (I could move it without the phys gun).

The changeable direction and angle made it great toy.

Awesome :smiley:
I also actually rated your post with the wrong smiley D:

I made a turret using the Wire mod that worked better then I could of ever expected. It could look in EVERY dirrection and was very accurate, and at the same time was very compact.

My first space station, made out of PHX. It caused someone to be my now best friend when they saw it. :slight_smile:
The construction is flat, but the entire station has lots of views to see space. Features a Great Room, Diner, Lounge, LS Room, Docking Bays, and… well… I’ve been doing different versions using the same design. One had a Shuttle Bay. Another had a Ship Parking Garage, and another had a Small Ship Parking space.

My “Big Red” Spaceship. Largest spaceship I ever made. It’s sole purpose was to be a semi truck in space, hauling Life Support equipment between planets. Using PHX props, Vanilla props, and other props I downloaded from garrysmod.org. It, like all of my spaceships use hoverballs.

once i made the breen machine which was this fast car that was flailing breen ragdols

another time i made a Stephen Hawking that followed people saying gman quotes

and the first time i went on to my group server were all of my real-life friends are i made an fantastic wire auto turret and homing bomb and i kicked everyone’s but on the server ( im not a minge, they were my friends and knew the risks) despite having the game for like 3 weeks


A car that could go to Wire Locators, but also “see” obstacles in the way and avoid them. This is without any knowledge of E2, so it was basically a HL2 locker, with wheels, and pretty much every square inch of the top covered in gates. The fact that it often does donuts while trying to turn a tight corner doesn’t concern me in the slightest.

Things I Have Made:

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots
A Flying Spaceboat (boat prop with LS and hoverballs)
An Actual Unsinkable Boat (Buoyancy Tool set to some number past 100, Keep Upright Tool)
Various Bases and Vehicles

The best things I ever made where a teleportation car someone taught me to make and a mouse-aimed AA turret I found on youtube.
Both of which where deleted when I rest gmod.
And I suck at building, lol.
No seriously, If anyone is willing to give me tips or show me hot to make stuff thats actually meaningful, feel free…:frowning:

message me if you have any questions

A missile which flies up to someone and starts spazzing out :open_mouth:


Real-life headhumper. A gman that stalks players and really humps their heads, doing 5 damage at a time. Better it wont get to shaut “Gordon! Watch out for the headhumpers!”

8-clip barrel cannon

Outdated wire propane cannon

I want to see that…could you send me a adv. dup. or at least some pictures

I made a car out of bricks, added a automatic turret in the back and went MingeBaggin’ on servers. Took me ages to figure how to do it.

hmm… I’d say my best would be my rail buggy… second buggy i built with independant suspension and realistic steering…or…perhaps… all my buggys that arnt in the dreaded “bordom spawned” folder.

A non-wired PHX3 rocket with a lot of thrusters and two or three explosives welded to it’s side.

an auto train that stops at every station in freespace

A bathtub car with a black guy burning on a cross welded to it.