What's your biggest Gmod war. I've got my pictures of mine here.

Just wanted to find the biggest gmod war ever.

because it’s cool!

Here is mine. photoshoped a little.

Yeah… I have a bunch of warthogs covenant ships pelicans marines etc in mine… but it’s Ragdolls, not much of a NPC war.

I should try and find some vehicles NPCS.
Could make a movie too!

That sounds cooler than mine xD

i had a million claw scanners and hopper mines vs 5 sas guys

LOL Sounds cool!

it would be good if i knew how to make the claw scanners show the claw inside there bodys http://s410.photobucket.com/albums/pp183/gmodlover666/?action=view&current=gm_construct0033.jpg have pic!

0_0 mine is dwarfed by that. i spawned so many zombies that the game almost froze and then used saw blades and the gravity gun to kill them and their headcrabs

Spawned 15 hunters
Spawned 20 of each zombie
Spawned 5 Metrocops
Spawned 6 Antlions
Spawned 1 Antlion Guard
Spawned 1 Civillian with a pistol

Guess who won?

The citizen.

that is funny

It probably went like this the hunters went after the zombies and antlions the guard took out the metro-cops (and remaining hunters) the guard died by a hunter but it’s ragdoll killed the hunter and all this time the citizen was hiding in a building (gm_construct) or far away. (gm_flatgrass)

ya true

My biggest war consisted of 60 rebels in a huge fort consisting of wooden fence props all welded and unfrozen, 1 Eli to protect, some explosive barrels, and 6 hunters.

27 men were lost, but hunters got killed.

The top floor collapsed and eli got crushed.

No pictures :(.

Took one of the ReDead city maps (the one with the large garage and mansion.)

Added Rebels guarding the mansion, a squad in the construction yard, three shops, the disco room, in the parking garage and in a repair garage. Gave rebels an assortment of css weapons.

Added combine at defensive positions cutting off rebels. Gave combine hl2 weapons. Added hunters, striders and one helicopter.

Well over 150 troops scattered all over the map.

Put all troops to 1000% health

Turned on AI.

Huge battle scattered throughout the city. Rebels eventually won.

Try this:
RP map
Headcrab Plague Addon

150 headcrabs
50 citizens
20 CPs
10 Rebels

Lag. A lot of lag.

Oh, and the zombies won. Obviously

384 Antlions.
1 CityScanner.

Let’s just say the CityScanner won. Somehow. Seriously, the Antlions just kinda…died.

Mine was 40 combine, 3 hunters, 10 antlion workers and 30 normal antlions.1 antlion guard, 30 rebels and lots of zombies. Also 4 tank npcs

I love making about 100 metro cops with crowbars on top of the building behind where you spawn on Gm_Construct, and creating 4 invisible Antlion Guards. SO FUCKING EPIC, guys flying everywhere, and you never know if a guard is right in front of you. I also like to see how far the crowbars can get. One landed on the platform across the map. :smiley: So much fun.

1 Mingebag
15 combine elite with stunsticks


Download VMFSuite and the fix, and download the huge VMF pack. In it, there’s an APC that moves by itself and can shoot rockets and the AR2 machine gun!