What's Your Credit Score? My Gmod Machinima

Hey made this, though you guys would laugh… a little!

Don’t you be trollin’ :3:

I don’t really get the whole point of that, but it was ok. Yay! 1,000th post! Finally after 2 long years!

The sound effects were good but you changed music too much and the car crash itself wasn’t smooth enough. It felt like I was being shown just 3 different pictures of a car crash which ruined the sense of motion.

Also, instead of using captions to show a change of location a couple of wide shots of the main character arriving at the new location would have helped.

need voice actors, and the car crash was kind of shitty

actually tbh i didn’t even understand the plot. he got in a car crash, and he went to some crazy ass place??? then he magically went home and wanted to buy an hdtv for no reason. honestly i have no idea.