What's your dream mod/addon?

I’ve always dreamed of a “life” simulator for when directx10 has matured.

Basically first person game, where everything is open to you, travel to another part of the world, have every single place modelled. Would be IMPOSSIBLE to model every house, and every possible thing to do, but would be awesome.

The euphoria engine for GMod.

GMod on the EP3 engine… Hey, GMod is a mod so it counts, right?

I have a similar Idea. Not much of a Mod or Addon, but I was thinking a Mass Effect RP Gamemode.


Oh! Oh! I gots another one!
A Mod that improves your computer’s performance.

G-Man race would be cool addon! ;D

How about a swep like the one in The Incredible’s; those inflating balloons that stick on an enemy and crush them with pure mass, the kill LUA would be massive GIB and just a general mess. Ouch to the poor victim.


Admin only :wink:

A Neural Interface, this would also double as dynamic water, super-real graphics, and fully breakable props as it would process through your brain. Just imagine it, you wave a hand and props spring up, a admin points at someone and they are banned. Also, this could be every mod in existence, you could go, “I want a exploding pie”, and there would be a exploding pie right there in front of you, then you could go “I wish to be a shapeshifter” and then you could transform into a melon, then you could go “I wish for bioshock to be ported to here”, and it would extract it from your memories (anti-piracy, you’d have to buy the game and play it, watching a video would not be enough, and best of all, it can’t be bypassed as it is a limitation). Also, you could get a little-kid-type minge, and make him melt, and he’d be scarred for life.
Well, maybe not the last one, as his parents would come on and go “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO LITTLE TIMMY” and burn out your mind, though there’d probably be safeguards for that, as well as a thing for replacing pain with tingling.
Sorry for the cluttered post, that would just be awesome. You could even have virtual food, and even though it wouldn’t fill you in real life, it would taste like it and you’d could feel it in your stomach until you disconnect.

Dude, if Graphics get too realistic, and like real life… that’d be gorey, so gorey it’d give you nightmares.

I’d be ok with that.

Death is fucking disgusting in real life man. In games it’s entertaining for the reason that’s it’s no where as graphic.

Im thinking of a Skin Stealer.
You take a skin from any game, and put it into Gmod.
: ]

A torture mod.

I so want to torture that Jar Jar Binks ragdoll I have.

An rc mod, would be awesome. Like having rc boats and having an online race with rc boats.

A flawless class based combat system.

Try searching WireOS or WirePC

Npcs that wern’t bugged and hunted for you if you hide. Example on gm_contruct spawn a combine they use tatics to kill the enemy.maybe throw a granade or tell the rest of the squad to go for that target. Maybe even hide behind corners and wait for the enemy and attack him by supprise.

Not really and addon, but realistic ropes.

Strechy Ragdolls

Phys_timescale ramping, so you could increase or decrease it slowly.

Ummm, Player model Pitch/Roll rotation (for spacebuild)

Spherical gravity with ^

Someone made G-man cars :D:



Electric Chair :smiley: