Whats your experience with.

I’m thinking to rent a server at Gmod.eu. Would this be a good idea or not?

No its a bad idea try http://www.daemonservers.co.uk or http://www.xenonservers.com/ .
And why you realy need to rent , ween you can buy 1 and when you do not need the server, you stop and you did not pay . That is my opinion

Do NOT use Gmod.eu. Its owned by Computer22, which of who is a total dumbshit.


Xenonservers will be your best shot at the moment, Gmod.eu is terribad.

Yes but in same time xenonserver have double price if you compare with daemonservers.co.uk , but this if from UK

They both have a very similar ToS.

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In fact most other pieces of text on their site looks like xenon’s but edited.

Heard somewhere that daemonservers is shit, wouldn’t go with them. Brohoster is your best bet.

haha wow you’re right…

xenon or brohoster

Xenon its a very good chose , but you can also choose daemonservers.co.uk

You have posted the same thing 3 times in this thread

how many discspace

5 disk space

Xenon definitely

I do it for 70 cents a slot.
Add nonerdsjustgeeks on steam.
You get support & TCAdmin
Hosted at a datacenter in Canada, but I get pings of 12 from U.S.

I have my own Voice server, gameserver and dedicated server there.
Great support, and insta-setup!

Gmod.eu is just a no-go!

Daemon Servers UK has some good deals on at the moment. The code ‘EPP1174’ gets you 10% recurring off anything but expires the end of January. Got some extra promotional codes on the front page too.

You know what’s funny, I only see people promoting their own server company (more like spamming). But because of that I know now where I want to host a server. A host that is not as intrusive. Brohosters. This thread can be closed.