What's your favorite server?

What is your favorite server you play on? What gamemode does it use?

My self tho. I dont have a favorite one. I just run around and enter any server.

I prefer Spacebuild and RP the most tho.

Spacebuild cause of the reason it’s supposed to be played -> Build a ship with life support. then fly off to a different planet and make a base there… ain’t that lovely?

RP… ye why the heck not? it’s fun if you like it… duh… be a cop and random arrest peoples… be a gangztor and RDM. be a citizen and prop kill…ye…fun…

Out of record
if you think this is teh shit just rate me Dumb… if you think this is a nice one just rate me dumb anyway.

I go most of the time on JokerIce’s servers. Especially the Stranded one.

Winsaucestudio’s servers.

Flex-Gaming.com’s Stalker and Build.

[BB] Deathrun

It’s pretty well run and lag free :smiley:

[BB] Deathrun


My own, for very obvious reasons…

Icannt.org sandbox servers.

Garry’s Mod
Because of its 128 player max

Cool :open_mouth: i’ev gotta try the [BB] Deathrun someday then.

Mostly I play Icannt.org. Has a wide range of servers, but I tend to frequent Gcombat and Sandbox #1. I also administrate a server named ‘The Lounge’, Hosted by EGN Australia.

And why? Because they’re awesome :D.


Grigori’s Funland

Sassilization.com servers.

My or friend’s one. Mostly sandbox with some stools or sweps

[GU] Zombie Outrage

I like stonedpotatoes ^^ (zombie survival) mostly cause i got nice ping there.

PubGamer Serious HL2 Roleplay

my own server. i got a lot of gamemodes to keep everyone happy

Lol [GU]