Whats your favorite tactic in TTT?

Personally, my favorite tactic (for traitor) takes use of 3 traitor weapons - The knife, the teleporter, and the disguiser. Its an easy way to pick off people without being caught. Just set a teleport location (in a safe spot, of course), enable the disguiser, sneak up on someone at the back of a group and knife them. Teleport and disable the disguiser. Its only disadvantage is that its easy to be caught if theres someone with a DNA scanner in the group.

I liek 2 shot everywon. :downs:

Host a TTT Server, make yourself admin.
Use the cheat commands to know every traitors and detectives
Kill all of em

If you’re traitor, use the cheat commands to give you thousands of credit
C4 Spam

Or download lua aimbots/walls. gg.

As an innocent:
Just get a sniper and camp. I like to watch when AFK people are killed, since they are easy targets.

As a traitor:
Stick with someone, find a person who’s alone and just kill them. If we get caught then we go rambo and it turns into a deathmatch. We call traitor on the person shooting us and everyone starts shooting each other, losing karma points. This has happened before, we ended up killing less people than the people who were shooting each other due to paranoia.

Btw, is this the right section for this? You’d think that this section was for Gamemode advertisement/release/information rather than Gamemode general discussion.

As Innocent: Stick together with many people, out in the open.

As Terrorist: Try to get people alone and then headshot them

As innocent : Randomly wandering
As Traitor : Kill someone , burn the bodies and shout : " OH DAMN I HEARD GUNSHOTS SOMEWHERE ON THE MAP "

As a traitor, kill someone blame another traitor, he gets killed and it found out to be a traitor, people think I’m good, kill them all


PS: I’m not trolling right now.
It’s my real tactic. Micspam + Trolling= Win.

look that way!

stab them in the back.

The trollface. How original and witty. You, epic sir, win the internets! :xd:

Just kidding. :geno:


be traitor
follow innocent Jack around

hold down microphone key
burst gun so it echoes from my speakers into my microphone
let go of microphone key

everyone hunts Jack down
repeat process


I know everyone in the server I play on, so whenever I find someone that doesn’t have I mic I’ll be like… hey, did you see who just walked in there?

And as they type I rape them.

Innocent: Look for obvious as shit traitors, and propkill them. Reep the rewards of them rage quitting as they, HE HZ HCKZ.
Traitor: Propkill, Pistol, and Crowbar. I really don’t like most other weapons, and only use them when theirs a high pop on the server.
Detective: Seclude myself to a small area, and wait for someone to open a door, and rat-trap them. It’s one of the most efficent methods to killing traitors because a good 50% of traitors are brain dead.

on TheThing, I’ve been trying to plant all the bombs, then have my traitor buddies set 3 C4’s in the ice cave for the same time, then activate the nuke. Still haven’t gotten it yet…

I like to vaguely follow people, and knife them in the back when they are in un popular areas such as basements. Then I either hide the body or hang it to scare people.

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Hate when people do that to me.

C4 spam. :c00lbert:

I liek

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yeah you are cool

Traitor: Buy knife, get sniper and ammo camp for a few minutes…
When everyone starts getting bored, pick off people and watch the chaos begin. Every so often if you see someone with the same gun as you say their the traitor.
Innocent: Stick with someone the whole time who you trust. Bad idea, i know but if their traitor they will probaly keep you till last. If this person is innocent good, meet up with someone that killed a traitor and travel around together, if you lose them assume they are dead and keep wandering around. If a group of players walk up to you immediantly start running, doesnt matter if one of them has killed a traitor, just run. If i am guessing right they are the traitors and you are stuffed. Attempt to fight for your life and if your lucky you will live.