Whats your Favourite Game mode?

Hey all,
I only re-started playing Gmod a few days ago, but upon looking at ALL the new game modes since I played last, What are your favourite game modes?
I am Loving Zombie Survival, Parkour, and TTT…

Cheers in advance!

P.S If there are any underplayed game modes that are awesome, I’ll see about hosting a server for it!

TTT is a pretty fun game mode if you have the right community for it. I suck at it, but it usually results in some pretty stupid fun.

Ideally, the best TTT server would be with a group of friends on a private server so you don’t have to deal with a bunch of trolls on the internet. Thanks to YouTube and the popularity of the game mode, it’s seems to attract all the wrong people nowadays, and they’re set-up by EVERYBODY with no real quality control.

I also really enjoy Stronghold mainly because of the freedom it provides. There’s no goal, and it helps make it replayable. The big thing I enjoy doing in Stronghold is building and holding down a base on my own, but I’m also able to go raid others or simply fight out in the open. The downside of Stronghold lies in the maps that it has, mainly because of how unbalanced/open the Stronghold maps are.

I’ll get rated dumb for this, but back in the days of ExiledServers, PERP was pretty awesome. The gamemode itself is garbage and I’ve played on a whole bunch of PERP servers that were absolutely terrible (most of which had some sort of server vs. server drama), but sometimes it’s less about the gamemode and more about it’s implementation on a server.

The upside of PERP on ExiledServers was simply how the community was set-up. It was completely un-serious, it was downright stupid, and it enabled everybody to screw around. That’s what made it awesome. I haven’t played another PERP server that I actually enjoyed as much as ExiledServers. Even the servers that try to live in the shadow of ExiledServers boasting “unserious lite gameplay” never really live up to the community that ExiledServers fostered. The copy of PERP was also ran with tons of updates and stuff as well without being the stereotypical PERP<insert whatever number here>.

I was also all about a select few Fretta gamemodes out of the sheer simplicity of them. Suicide Barrels, Gun Game, and a couple others were pretty good. Unfortunately, there was way too many servers that threw as many Fretta gamemodes as they could onto one server without double-checking the quality of them, so often times to get to the good stuff you had to sit through terrible gamemodes that lasted too long or terrible gamemodes that straight up broke. For instance, playing Prop Hunt after two rounds of Prop Hunt is stupid. (I hate Prop Hunt.)

But yeah, I’ve stopped playing Garry’s Mod out of the sheer fact that all that’s ever hosted is TTT and RP. There’s a small group of people thinking outside the box and coming up with something fresh and new (I watch the WAYWO Garry’s Mod thread), but I never really seem to catch them fully released or populated. It sucks. I always fire up Garry’s Mod every once in a while, hoping that there’s gonna be some new gamemode to eat up all my time, but I’m always disappointed.

Huh, thats kinda a shame, have you tried the Zombie Survival, I find that enjoyable, it can be very boring though.

Oh, add Smash and Slope to the list.

I have tried Zombie Survival and while it’s not bad, it’s not my thing.

Ok, thats fair enough.

GMod Tower and JailBreak. And TTT…Sometimes.


OH! And DeathRun

You’re fucking right. ExiledServers was the shit.

So was Pulsar Effect

DarkRP and TTT

First post :smiley:

-vr mode doesnt count as a game mode does it? :-p right now its broken though. but that “would” be my favorite if it worked.

GMT, Surf, Jailbreak in CS:S (can’t stand it in GMod), TTT and Deathrun highly depending on the server, and PERP back when it wasn’t copyrighted, it worked, and didn’t require huge content packs.

Nazi Zombies

Besides the tsunamis of kids, what don’t you like about Jailbreak on GMod and what makes or breaks a Deathrun for you?

I like jailbreak after I saw Monkeys video .x

Go to 4.00 :smiley:

I actually really like cinema w/ 4 or 5 buddies that actually want to watch something serious instead of fucking yogscast videos. I also enjoy zombie survival.