What's your favourite RP server?

whats your favorite rp

garrys mod roll play

darkrp is the best because i always am become mob boss and i get some cops to join me in a secret hideout and we kill everyone

Omega Build RP, till idiots overload it.

Meteornet, TnB both are fun in my opinion

I love DarkRP, because I can shoot my guns and kill people just like in real life. After that, I kill a bunch of people, and then steal the gun dealer’s guns. Isn’t that grand


Meteornet. I hate DarkRP

The typical DarkRP player, it was going to be posted eventually. Nobody likes it if they just keep dying from some noob Mobboss, ever thought about others before?

My favorite RP srever is my own server (:

Custom script called OfficeRP on cs_office!


Another DarkRP copy modified by a noob coder.

Also here’s his gamemode:

MeteorNet for the sheer freedon the script gives me. I don’t play it much as there never seems to be anything good going on, but I need to go back to find out who tasered my character. I think I might pretend it put me in a coma or something…

Pax Mortuus Half-Life 2 Roleplaying


I think I like it because I made it? I don’t know, really. Sadly enough I’m not even really on enough for it to matter. There was just an extreme popular demand for something other than TnB’s server with the constant adminging and what-not. No particular reason for me, I’m just the guy who runs the place. Left a bunch of other kids in charge of the server.

Every server that isn’t running darkrp

Yea. BB roleplay is the best though.

I love BB Roleplay, i used to be an admin on there until i started my own community.

At the moment my favourite rp server is my own, [GM]Roleplay - Serious Roleplaying

(Real life roleplay)

And no, it is not running Dark Rp

CG-Rp and MeteorNet

TnB but currently this:

BearScript (taco with a different feel).

Combine Guard RP aka CGRP was good.

Well the noob coder sure noes how to fill a server.

Grow a brain half of the Garry’s mod community who RP use Dark RP. Don’t like it quit fricking Garry’s mod. Stop complaining and deal with it.

I want to play on this server.

Its open source so we could care less. And a noob coder didn’t make this. We had an entire team on it.