Whats your favourite tool?

Dont talk about ADV dup. I like the head crab canister tool… admin mischeif on basewars

Advanced Duplicator.

E2 :riker:

Weld :smug:

Advanced duplicator is pretty cool in my opinion.


GMod Tool Gun :smug:


or then the ‘fizz gun’, if anyone knows it.

Wire advanced.


Combine Gunship Patrol Tool

Your own Biomechanical creature for patrolling the perimeter of your fortress. :buddy:

I would have to say… Willinizer

In my opinion my favourite tool is the no collide tool

My own :smug:

I like the model manipulator, and the bodygroup changer tools.

Leafblower :smug:

Fading Door Stool :smug:

Easy Precision