Whats your GMod play time?

I thought this would fit here better than fast threads.

I may have the most play time ever as I just hit. 1300 hours.

1300 hours = 54.1666667 days. Oh lord

2035 hours




Oh god I thought I had a lot…




Since a lot of my playtime is when I’m not connected to the internet and it’s been mostly in the last month or so that I’ve really played a lot, I’d have to say…500 hours? Give or take. And a lot of that in Spacebuild >_>

Many of these threads… playtime 2300 hours, but none in the past week and a half cuz dad took away my monitor -_-"

1412 hours. I’m cutting down on time spent in Gmod in favour of Source SDK. :v:

80 days.

I have around 3000+ hours recorded on my Xfire, around 1500+ or something on my Steam.

86 on my new account. around 2500 on my old. lol

1102 hours

97 Days.

27.8 Hours. I just lost the game.

5600 on my old account, 1300 on this one

2 years.