Whats your GMod play time?

“2242.7 hrs on record”.

2708 hrs

110 days (2644 hours)

666 hours. Not kidding

974 hours.

But I’m pretty much sure I spend like twice as much time on the GMod Beta so that doesn’t count. :v:

On the Fourth of July I had 1776 hours. I thought that was one heck of a coincidance and took a screencap


close to like 700… when i play offline it doesnt record it -_-

1333 Hours


125 hours. I’m not sure if that’s 5 days and 5 hours wasted or well spent…

Edit: I’ll go with well spent. Making a nude Alyx fondle and play with herself in Gmod is a merit all it’s own.

Steam community page link or :fuckoff:

1329.6 hrs on record

10 Minutes.



Garry’s Mod
331.7 hrs / 9870.8 hrs


It doesn’t count if you never turn your computer off and never quit gmod. Played time is meant to mean time played, not time spent in-game. Unfortunately, that’s harder to do.

aspie central.

I googled aspie central and received a bunch of hits about aspergers syndrome. Care to elaborate?